7 Best Date Ideas for Fall for a Perfect Time ...


7 Best Date Ideas for Fall for a Perfect Time ...
7 Best Date Ideas for Fall for a Perfect Time ...

Winter is approaching quickly, so it’s definitely time to fit in date ideas for fall before it gets too cold! Fall is such a scenic season too, with the festive, vibrant colors. It’s not too cold, or too hot, so it’s easy to feel comfortable inside or out! And, there'll be plenty of opportunities for a photo op! So, get closer to your hunny and enjoy your time together using some of these date ideas for fall!

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Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are one of my ideal date ideas for fall and a good way to spend time with that special someone! For my anniversary this year, I did a scavenger hunt, and it was so much fun! I used a website called strayboots.com, which features interactive walking tours. Even if you live in the city that you do the scavenger hunt in, you will find out information and places you’ve never seen before! Plus, you get to explore and find tasty treats for you two to indulge together! Strayboots are in some cities, but if it’s not in yours, feel free to get creative and conduct your own! Create a list of things to either collect, take pictures of, or reach checkpoints by a certain time to create the perfect tailor made scavenger hunt for you both!


Decorate Pumpkins

You don’t have to gut the pumpkin and get carving to decorate! To save yourselves from a mess, you can decorate the outside! You could use paint, glitter or stencils to create the perfect accent to your kitchen or table centerpiece! (But no one says you can’t still fit a jack o’ lantern or two in there!)


Make Candied or Caramel Apples

Cooking with your significant other is always an act that brings you together, especially when it’s a delicious treat! Candied and caramel apples are a staple in fall goodies, so instead of picking one up, plan out a day, research the recipes online and get to cooking! You never know, this could even spark a tradition!



With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it’s really important to give back to the community! If you and your lover want to give back, why not volunteer at a soup kitchen together? You’ll be helping others have a hot, nutritous meal in their stomachs, and you’ll get the warm fuzzy feeling that comes with being selfless!


Sunset Picnic

I know what you’re thinking! I know it can get pretty chilly outside, but a picnic involving warm jackets, a couple blankets and thermoses sounds like a good way to combat the cold! Head over to your favorite park or hill to watch the sunset! And while you’re doing that, indulge in the soups, stews and hot cocoa you bought with you in thermoses to keep you warm! Don’t forget to head home for dessert!


Go to a Football Game

I’m not much of a sports fan myself, but I do watch football if I happen to catch it! If your special someone is into football, or well, any sports game for that matter, why don’t you guys go together? He’ll appreciate your interest in something he likes, and it’ll give you guys some great bonding time and pictures!


Movie on the Move

It may be after Halloween, but it’s never too late to have a little excitement and spookiness in your lives! Pop a DVD into your laptop, and bring it with you to watch at a scary location like the woods or an abandoned building to turn up the thrill! Or, if you’re more easygoing lovers, try watching a romantic movie or rom-com on a rooftop! Be sure to take some blankets, pillows and treats with you!

I hope that’ll you’ll fit these date ideas for fall into your schedule because they all sound like so much fun! The most important thing to remember, no matter what date you choose, is that you two have to have fun and come together for good times and lasting memories! Which date ideas would you try? Are there any you’d like to share?

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