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7 Best Things about Being Married ...

By Alicia

Have you wondered what are the best things about being married? There are many great things about being married. Marriage is a journey that will go through many different phases over the years but these are some of the best things about being married in all phases.

1 You Have Someone to do Life with

This one is very simple. One of the best things about being married is that you have someone to do life with. You aren’t alone. You have a partner to face the world with and that means everything. He’s got your back and you’ve got his.

2 You Have Someone to Lean on

Being married means that you have someone to lean on in difficult times. Your spouse can give you the support and encouragement you need to face the world when times get tough. You have someone to help you when life seems too hard. Whether it’s making your favorite foods when you’re sick or holding your hand in a difficult situation, your partner is there for you. And you can do all of those things in return for him.

3 You Have Someone to Share in Your Sorrows and Joys

When you’re single, you don’t always have someone you can call to share your news, good or bad. This isn’t the case when you’re married. When you have good news or bad news, you have a partner to call and share with. When you’re up, they’re up and when you’re down, they’re down. What happens to one of you happens to both of you. This is one of the best things about marriage.

4 You Have Someone Who Really Gets You

When you’re married, you have a deep and intimate bond with one another. You know each other in a way no one else does. You understand each other on a level no one else gets. You can give each other a look and read the thoughts behind it. You often know what the other is thinking.

5 You Can Enjoy Close Touch Daily

Marriage means a lot of touching. Yes, there’s sex but it’s more than that. You have the close touch of holding hands, kissing or simply enjoying snuggling up at night. Those are great things. You don’t truly realize how wonderful this is until you stop to think what your life would be like without it.

6 He’s Seen You at Your Worst and He Still Loves You

There’s something very beautiful about knowing this fact. Your husband has seen you at your worst and he still loves you. He’s seen your ugly cry, he’s seen you sick and probably at some moments of your life that you’d rather not remember. Yet, you know he loves you anyways. Perhaps he loves you more deeply because of those times. And you’ve seen him at some not-so-great moments, yet your love is still strong.

7 You Share a Future Together

When you’re married, you’ve made a choice to share a future. You share financial goals and personal goals. You’ve got your own traditions forming. You may have a family in which a whole new little world will come into existence. There’s something very bonding about knowing you’ve linked your futures forever.

It’s your turn to share. Tell me what you think some of the best things about being married are. I can’t wait to read your responses.

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