7 Benefits of Giving Him Some Breathing Room in Your Relationship ...


7 Benefits of Giving Him Some Breathing Room in Your Relationship ...
7 Benefits of Giving Him Some Breathing Room in Your Relationship ...

If you’re in a relationship and wondering if there’re any benefits of giving him breathing room, the answer is yes. It’s not good to be together constantly, even if you’re deeply in love. It can actually make your relationship much better if you have a balance of couple time and individual time. These are some of the benefits of giving him breathing room for you to consider.

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You’ll Be More Interesting

One of the benefits of giving him breathing room is that you’ll be more interesting. This’s true of how he’ll see you and how you’ll feel about yourself. When you’re together constantly, you can become a little dull to one another. It’s good to have your own thing going. Indulge in a favorite hobby or find a new one.


You’ll Have More to Talk about

When you give him some breathing room you’ll find that you have more to talk about when you’re together. You both will have things that you want to share with one another. Maybe you want to tell him about the great deal you got on a purse while you were shopping with a friend and he wants to tell you how he scored the most points on the court with the guys. It’s good to keep your individuality. This is actually one of the things that make you a strong couple.


He’ll Miss You

This is one of the sweetest benefits of giving him breathing room. He has a chance to miss you. This won’t happen if you’re constantly together. Let him have some space and time for himself and watch how his eyes light up when you see each other again. It’ll give you a lot of warm and fuzzy feelings.


He’ll Be Happier

Girls, I want to share something with you. The fact that your guy wants time to hang with the guys now and then isn’t personal. It’s a typical guy thing and isn’t a reflection of how he feels about you. He needs some time to hang out with his buddies and when he gets it, he’ll be happier. And that’s good for your relationship.


You’ll Get Your Girl Time Fix

Admit it. As much as you love your guy, he just isn’t a girl. He can’t talk for hours about clothing, makeup and all things girl. You need time with the girls just like he needs time with the guys. While he’s out doing his thing, don’t sit home and mope. Make your own plans to meet up with your besties.


Time Together Will Mean More

This’s a powerful secret. When you have a little time apart, your time together will actually mean more to both of you. Don’t underestimate the power of a little space. You’ll feel more in love than ever when you get a chance to reconnect. Breathing room is good for your relationship.


It’s a Test of Your Love

Giving your guy some breathing room is actually a little test. You’re giving him space which every relationship needs a little of. If a guy cares deeply for you, he’ll definitely come back to you. If he’s not into you then he may use this as an excuse to slip out. Either way, it’s okay. You want a guy that truly cares for you and you shouldn’t settle on that point.

These the main benefits of giving your guy some breathing room. Have you found that a bit of time apart makes your relationship better? I’d love to hear your stories.

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What if he's ignoring you on top of getting his space?

When your dating a Marine its a little different...! When were inseparable when together... Because when he's away you'll regret the time you've wasted while he was home for a week or not even.

Very helpful! This is true

My man and I live a little over an hour apart and both have children from our previous marriages. We find that the time apart is sometimes hard but it makes our relationship so much stronger and ten fold when we have our time together. Space is def a big factor in a relationship because the person you fell in love with along with the Person they fell in love with should not be compromised otherwise you'll lose what brought you together in the first place!

Great article.

I don't live with my man yet, nearly 4 years of being together and having the breathing space is fine to me 😊 he travels for work every so often as well and there's always more to talk about even then! ☺️

Will take this advice.... Seriously.

I totally agree! I've been seeing this guy for 4 yrs and we see each other on the weekends but it seems like we are getting on each other's nerves. So starting today I decided not to text or call until he wants to contact me. This article came in handy because it gave me a good outlook on things. I'm scared at times because he might do something that can hinder what we have, but like #7 says it'll be a test. Thanks for posting this informative article!

I love this article! I've been a little frustrated about the space in my relationship (thinking there was too much) but all of these things are true! It sure helps me see the up-side, and the space has done nothing but help our relationship grow!

This is 100% true!! My boy and I go through this and it's crazy how we are stronger.

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