7 Weird Things Comfortable Couples do in a Healthy Relationship ...

When you've been in a relationship with someone for a while, you start to develop a few weird habits. Of course, neither of you will mind them, because you'll both be on the same page. Plus, it's a good sign that shows that you're getting closer as a couple. Here are a few weird things that comfortable couples do after dating for a while:

1. Take on Each Others Traits

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Maybe your boyfriend has a specific phrase that he always says. Maybe he pronounces a certain word incorrectly on purpose. It might've annoyed you at first, but now you find yourself doing the same. The more you're together, the more you'll find yourself taking on his traits. It's just something that happens without you realizing it.

2. Help with Health Issues

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If you have a fake nail that's about to pop off, you'll ask him to help you pull it off. If he has a hair that he wants to get rid of, he'll ask you to help him tweeze it out. It sure sounds gross, but once you're comfortable with each other, you'll have no problem asking for assistance for the grossest activities.

3. Try on Clothes

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When you stay over his house, you don't have to worry about bringing clothes for the next day, because he'll let you wear his boxers and teeshirts. If he's nice, he'll even let you bring them home and leave them laying around your house for a week. But if he's in a silly mood, he might even try on your lingerie or new dress. Just hope he doesn't rip it.

4. Give Pet Names

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When you're in a serious relationship, you'll come up with pet names for each other and talk in baby voices. You might not even realize that you're doing it until you're out with friends and notice them looking at you weird. It's just something that you end up doing when you're comfortable together.

5. Harmless Abuse

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Maybe your partner likes to punch you on the arm. Maybe your partner likes to purposely bite you or lick you in a random place for no good reason. It isn't sexual. It isn't even meant to be funny. It's just a way to keep themselves occupied.

6. Singing Songs

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When you're comfortable with someone, it's hard not to burst into song or just make weird noises. They don't have to make sense. They can be completely random. The best part? Your partner will completely understand and will even join in. If you're lucky, you'll even start a dance party.

7. Your Own Language

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You can have an entire conversation with your boyfriend that no one else in the room understands, because you have your own type of language and way of speaking with each other. You're together so frequently that you can get your point across without even saying a word, and he can do the same. It's like magic.

The more comfortable you are with your boyfriend, the weirder you'll be when you're together. Don't be embarrassed about it, because it's a good sign that shows you're growing as a couple. No matter how normal your friends seem when they're with their partner, they're probably just as weird as you and your man are when they're alone. Do you and your boyfriend do any of these things?

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