7 Romantic Activities You'll Enjoy Doing when You're in Love ...


When you fall in love, there are romantic activities that you'll enjoy doing, even if you always considered them corny in the past. You won't care about what you look like when you're with your partner, because they're the only thing on your mind. You might look ridiculous to others but you don't care, because your happiness is more important than a stranger's opinion. Here are some of the romantic activities that you may have found silly in the past, but will love to do once you find your soul mate:

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Staring into His Eyes

The idea of staring into someone's eyes for minutes at a time seems creepy, but it's romantic when you find someone you really love. It's a way to feel connected to them. Holding hands and kissing is fun, but looking into someone's eyes lets you see their emotions. It's one of the most romantic activities you can do that lets you bond with the love of your life.


Teasing Back and Forth

Don't you hate when you hear a couple arguing over who loves who more or who should hang up the phone first. They sound ridiculous to the outside world, but once you enter a relationship, you'll find yourself doing the same thing. Play arguing back and forth is a flirty way to keep the spark alive.


Playing Footsie

You're sitting at a restaurant and don't want to engage in inappropriate PDA, you'll settle for playing footsie. It's a game that seems childish, but it's a cute little way to show your affection. It lets him know that you don't want to go a second without touching him in some way. He's just too irresistible.


Sharing Food

You had to pay a lot for your plate of french fries, so you're not willing to share them--except with your mate. What's yours is theirs, right? You're always kissing them, so you don't care about their germs. Plus, you know that they'd share their fries with you, so how can you turn them down?


Giving Pet Names

Some pet names are more ridiculous than others. You might not go around calling your boyfriend "schnookums," but you'll probably call him "baby" or "sweetie." Who cares if your friends tease you about it? They're just jealous.


Enjoying Mushy Music

The romantic songs that you used to make fun of for being too unrealistic and corny are the songs that you'll feel like you can relate to once you fall in love. You'll even pick one that you'll consider "your song" and melt into a puddle of goo every time it pops on the radio. Love makes you crazy.


Cooking Together

You might prefer to order pizza than to take the time to throw ingredients into a bowl and create a fancy dinner. However, once you're in a relationship, those mundane tasks will seem like a blast. You'll get to toss flour at one another like they do in the movies, and he can bandage you up if you accidentally burn yourself. What's not to love?

Relationships can turn your whole world around. The things that you always swore you would never do will become something that you can't believe you ever lived without. What's the corniest thing that you and your partner do? Do your friends make fun of you or do they understand?

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I can definitely relate to all of these but especially the first one. At first I found it really creepy but then realized he genuinely loved my eyes. I think more couples should show more affection, it's a very powerful way to connect.

When you're in a relationship all these things seem so natural and insignificant. Once you don't have it anymore you realize otherwise. Thanks for sharing this.

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