7 Calculated πŸ€” Risks to Take Together πŸ‘« to Strengthen πŸ’ͺ Your Relationship πŸ’– ...


Relationships take a lot of hard work - any mature adult will be able to tell you that with authority. A partnership evolves and changes over time, and it is up to the both of you to make sure that you can adapt as you go, and sometimes do things out of your comfort zone if you think that it will be good for you in the long run. Risk taking is vital in improving a relationship, so long as you agree to take the risks together! Here are seven **calculated risks to take together to strengthen your relationship. **

1. Sharing Fantasies

Get together and open up to one another about what your biggest sexual fantasies are. It’s risky in the sense that you don’t want to intimidate your partner or make them feel inadequate, but it can also bring you together more than ever if you find common ground and can start acting out some of the fantasies you have detailed. It takes your sexual connection to whole other level!