6 Perfect Ways to Keep the Spark Alive in Your Relationship ...


6 Perfect Ways to Keep the Spark Alive in Your Relationship ...
6 Perfect Ways to Keep the Spark Alive in Your Relationship ...

If you have ever been in a long-term relationship, you will know that even the best ones take a lot of hard work and compromise. You tend to coast through on the honeymoon phase at the beginning, still excited to learn more about each other and still filled with that initial lust, but what about when that period is over? What about when you love someone but you seem to have lost that special spark that was there before? Here are six ways to keep the spark alive in your relationship.

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Be Spontaneous

Try not to get too stuck in a routine with your partner because that is how things get boring and predictable. Indulge in surprise dinners every now and then, even something bigger like a surprise vacation. Just fun acts to show that you still have lots of affection for each other that can’t always be expressed in a routine and mundane way!


Spontaneity isn't limited to grand gestures either. It's also in the little things, like leaving a sweet note in their lunchbox or randomly dancing together in the kitchen. These unexpected moments break the monotony and inject excitement into your everyday life. Remember, it’s the surprise factor that often reignites the flame. So next time you feel the urge to do something out of the ordinary, don't hold back—embrace the chance to make your partner smile in an unpredictably delightful way.


Date Nights

Keeping a regular date night is really important because it gives you something to look forward to and gets you out of the house that might have kids running around! It’s a time in the week when you can be together and just focus on your love for one another, hopefully with some delicious restaurant food to keep you going!


Be Selfless

Try to maintain that attitude of selflessness that you had at the start of the relationship. In some unfortunate cases people become more selfish once they have ‘secured’ a partner, thinking that that is the end of it, but in order to keep things going you need to be willing to give yourself and your time to them just like you were when you were dating.


Embrace your partner’s needs and desires with the same enthusiasm as your own. This doesn't mean neglecting yourself, rather finding a beautiful balance. Celebrate their achievements and support them during hard times. Remember, small gestures like a surprise dinner or a handwritten note can speak volumes. By putting your partner’s happiness on par with yours, the bond deepens, and you both create an environment of mutual respect and admiration, necessary fuels to keep the relationship's flame burning brightly.


Increase Intimacy

Of course, having sex is a big deal in a relationship, but that isn’t the only form of physical intimacy that you should be enjoying. Try to add lots of little touches into your daily life like massages, foot rubs, cuddles, hand holding, anything that can up the levels of intimacy outside of just the bedroom and keep a physical connection going.


Besides these physical gestures, don't forget the power of eye contact and a soft smile to convey affection. An unexpected hug from behind or a gentle peck on the cheek can work wonders. Also, syncing your breathing during a tight embrace or simply resting your head on your partner's shoulder during a movie can strengthen your bond. Emotional closeness often starts with physical proximity, so look for opportunities throughout the day to express your love through simple, tender touch.


Don’t Be Proud

You have to be willing to admit that you are wrong sometimes because the blame for relationship issues can’t always be put at the feet of your partner! If you don’t want them to withdraw from you, you need to be open and vulnerable and accept your portion of the blame in arguments. When they see they you can do that, their affection for you rises once again.


Hard Work

Just remember that relationships are hard work! If you get too comfortable and stop holding up your end of the bargain, the spark can disappear very quickly. Think about it as fuelling a fire of passion and love, if you stop doing the work, the fire will die out. A combination of all of the above tips will definitely go towards keeping your relationship strong.

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