5 Valuable πŸ’Ž Pieces of Advice πŸ’¬ for the First Time 😬 with a New Lover πŸ’‘ ...


The first date, the first time holding hands, the first kiss ... starting a new relationship can be so exciting. With all these first times the most important for sure is the first time you have sex.

Why is the first time with someone new so special?

Sex binds us together in a very special way. Experiencing an orgasm together is indeed a catalyst for our feelings. Experiencing something special, exciting, and intoxicating together heightens the feeling of being in love.

Please beware, we really should not read too much into the first time with our new sweetheart. First off all, it should not be seen as a performance test. Meaning, if we do not instantly harmonise in bed, it does not automatically mean we do not fit.

In all honesty, chances that your first time together will be mind blowing are rather low. We don’t know anything about what the other one likes, yet. We are not yet attuned. Perfection is reached through time.

Considering that: Excitement – yes. Suspense – be my guest. Something special and the next base in your relationship – absolutely. But that should be it. There will be many more times to come (pun intended).

In general, there is nothing you can do wrong when it comes to sex but there is a lot you can do right! So here are five tips to help you wrangle the nervousness:

1. Do Not Expect so Much

In all honesty, our first times are probably our worst sexual encounters during our partnerships. Getting in the mood, fighting nerves, relaxing, performing that dance that needs to be brought to perfection ... all nothing you can learn from Wikipedia

Especially if it is your very first time, you should even be prepared for a little pain. One more reason to get tense. Best Practice: Do not ask too much of yourself. Try to take it slow. Exhale and relax.

Take Your Time