The 15 Worst Mistakes Women Make in Relationships ...


The 15 Worst Mistakes Women Make in Relationships ...
The 15 Worst Mistakes Women Make in Relationships ...

I hate to break it you ladies, but you’re not perfect, I’m not perfect, none of us are perfect! We might not like to admit it, but sometimes, when relationships start to hit the rocks, it is just as much our fault as it is our partners’! You never want to take the blame when you can pin it on someone else, but if you look inside yourself deep enough, there are definitely some things that you could have done better or differently. Here are the fifteen worst mistakes women make in relationships.

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Using Your Partner’s Secrets against Them. You Have Been Told Those Secrets in Moments of Vulnerability and Confidence, so the Worst Thing You Can do is Betray That Trust


Gossiping about Other People in Their Presence All the Time. It Makes Them Wonder Whether You Are Doing the Same about Them to Your Friends


Don’t Threaten Harm to Yourself Just to Win an Argument or Get Your Way. That’s a Terrible Position to Put a Partner in


Don’t Call Him Names in Moments of Anger when You Know That Deep down He is a Good Guy. That Kind of Negative Reinforcement Isn’t Healthy


Don’t Ask the Same Questions over and over Again. It Makes You Seem Annoying and Also like You Aren’t Listening to Him when He Answers the First Three Times!


Don’t Be Annoying Because You’ve Seen Rom Coms and You Think That He Thinks It is Cute. in the Real World, It Really Isn’t Cute!


Don’t Try to Be Dirty and Overly Sexual when the Time Calls for More Sensitivity and Affection. Guys Don’t Always Want to Feel like Porn Stars; Sometimes They Just Want a Nice Girlfriend!


Don’t Beg Him to do Things for You All of the Time. He’ll Be Happy to Help in Most Cases, but Relying on Him Too Much Can Get Annoying


Don’t do Things That You Know He Hates, Especially when He Has Actually Told You That He Hates Them. He’ll See It as a Direct Shot of Disrespect and Lack of Care for His Feelings


Don’t Live in the past All the Time, Because He Wasn’t Part of Your past, and It Might Make Him Feel Left out


If He Has Criticisms of You, Listen to Them, and if You do Feel like They Are Valid, Don’t Fly off the Handle; Try Instead to Change Those Particular Ways


Don’t Make Decisions on Your Own All the Time without Consulting or considering Him. It Will Make Him Feel like He Doesn’t Matter to You


Don’t Be Lazy and Unambitious with Your Life. He Might Want to Work towards a Better Future with You, but if You Are Lazy about It, It Won’t Happen


Don’t Act like You Know Everything There is to Know when You Don’t. Having an Air of Superiority is Never Appealing


Don’t Use Him Just for His Money. if You Love Each Other, He Will Be Happy to Spend on You, but Not if You Try to Handle Him in a Manipulative Way

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