7 Civil Ways to Leave Your Lover ...


There are so many ways to leave your lover including some I can’t mention here, but I think we all know that song. If it’s time to move on there’s no better time like the present. So, keep your phone handy for some much-needed calling after, as I give you seven ways to leave your lover.

1. Call Me!

When deciding on ways to leave your lover one of the most trusted and sometimes safest ways is to simply call them up and break it off. This way you have voice on voice interaction. Rather than cowardly texting them it’s over, you’re giving them the respect of telling them the reason why with your actually voice. It doesn’t have to be a laundry list of reasons (fewer is usually better). It gives them a chance for them to ask a few questions. Just keep it short and sweet.

Meet Them in Person


Posted wrong... :p
I'm a guys crush. Wish he could see this list. Then it would be easy for him to see, that he should be with me and not her. But sadly that's not the case... :(
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