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7 Inspiring Ways to Start over after a Divorce ...

By Lane

Divorce is a significant life change; however, if you learn the seven inspiring ways to start over after a divorce, it can offer a lovely clean slate. While, yes, your relationship is over and the life plan you created has been altered, this doesn't mean it's the whole enchilada, but rather it's time for a revamp. Let's start a new day by discovering the seven inspiring ways to start over after a divorce.

1 Healing It up

To start your journey in accomplishing the ways to start over after a divorce, begin by allowing yourself the time you need to lick your wounds. Navigating through the emotional madness of a divorce isn't the same as getting stood up for a date. It's a sudden and often unforeseen change; give yourself a break before you move on.

2 Pamper Yourself

Take a time out and enjoy your favorite activities during the first few months. Go to the spa and get a massage, or to the salon for a new 'do. It won't bring your ex back, but it will allow you to find your center and recuperate from the trauma often caused by a divorce.


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3 Who Are You?

This clean slate allows you to re-examine who you are as an individual. Becoming a couple and getting married too often leads to a blurring of two separate people into one. This phase in your life opens the opportunity to become you without compromise. It's time to reinvent yourself.

4 What do You Want?

You're divorced, so any life goals you put on hold because of your relationship should become top priority — right now! This is your time to be selfish and consider your own wants and desires. If your dream was to become an attorney or a belly dancer, go for it! It's your life and your time to begin again, on your own terms.

5 Taking the First Step

It's time to dive in and begin the rest of your life. Every great accomplishment starts with that first step forward. After my divorce, I began writing a romance novel. Although it's now a short collection of science-fiction and horror stories, it's still an accomplishment. The fact that I have written him as an eight-headed octopus that gets squashed by a stiletto-wearing starfish is irrelevant. I feel better already.

6 See Your Life Plan through

Following through on all of your goals and aspirations alone is a rewarding and enriching experience all its own. Plus, karma has a great way of making paths cross at the right moment. And I must say, running into him after graduating from college and becoming a professional writer was an amazing feeling.

7 Presenting the New You

Presenting the new you to the world doesn't require a makeover or new clothes... unless you just really want to do so, because it's a lot of fun. The new you is a happier version which is free of the trauma and broken heart. Happiness looks great on everyone, so wear it well!

Divorces are not the end of the world, although at first they seem like it. Instead of looking at only the negatives, you can turn this clean slate into a new adventure. What are some techniques that helped you start over after a divorce?

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