7 Clues That You Are to Blame for Relationship Difficulties ...


Clues that You Are to Blame for Relationship Difficulties can be hard to admit to. Do you ever wonder why it seems like you just can't keep a relationship alive longer than 5 minutes? Yea, I'm all for blaming the jerk of a guy you were dating. But the truth is, it might not always be his fault! It could be YOU! Hard as it may be to swallow, there are clues that you are to blame for relationship difficulties and you should keep an eye out for them. It's important to square away your own issues before you focus on your partner's. We all have our little bad habits, but when they start to leak over into our personal lives and ruin relationships, that's when you know it's time to start taking action-in a good way! Don't despair if you fall into one of these categories. They're all fixable! Are you ready to discover the truth? It may be hard, but if your relationships are worth it to you, you will want to know, right? So keep on reading my article for 7 clues that you are to blame for relationship difficulties.

1. You Take the Fun out of It

So maybe you're not spontaneous. Maybe you like structure and need to have things planned. That's ok! But you do need to remember that life does happen, and sometimes plans get upset or thrown out of whack. Try to be a little looser and a little more spontaneous when it comes to activities and things you do with your family and friends. Not everything is fun when it's so planned out or when everything is "against the rules." Don't be the disapproving wife, girlfriend, mom or best friend!

You over-Rely on Technology
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