10 Common Dating Fears and How to Overcome Them ...


10 Common Dating Fears and How to Overcome Them ...
10 Common Dating Fears and How to Overcome Them ...

There are some common dating fears that you could be dealing with right now. Knowing what they are can go a long way toward helping you move past them.

Dating can be scary, especially for women. From the first date to several months in, the fears are real. I scoured forums and various comment threads to compile some of the biggest fears people have about dating. Here are the most common dating fears. Are you afraid of these things?

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The Threat That Your Date is a Murderer or Other Type of Criminal

string instrument, plucked string instruments, string instrument, musical instrument, musician, One of the most common dating fears is that he's a bad guy. We’ve all seen the horror stories of people using dating sites to lure women. The fear that our dates are serial killers or human traffickers is a huge one. To help combat this, make sure your friends know where you’re going and when and your date's name and description! If the worst does happen, you’ll know there are people looking out for you.


The Pressure to Get Intimate

human, girl, screenshot, scene, The pressure is everywhere to get intimate, even on a first date. Some think that because your date bought you dinner or drinks you owe them, some are afraid of their date thinking that they’re “frigid”. Always remember: your body, your rules. The perfect match won’t care if you do intimate things the first night, or if you prefer to wait.


The Fact That Dating Either Ends in Breaking up or Death

face, mouth, human, muscle, girl, Some people’s biggest fear is as simple as their own mortality and time! We all die someday and we all get broken hearts, and chances are, one of those ways is how your relationship will end! Hey, at least your date is probably freaked out by this fact too!


The Sheer Cost of Dating

mouth, jungle, tree, plant, girl, Even if you’re the one being treated to dinner and drinks and fun dates, chances are you’re still spending bucks for your dates too! From that fresh manicure to those cute new shoes, impressing your date can be just as expensive as financing the dates yourself. Try to resist that perfect cardigan you see while out shopping because your date likely thinks you’re perfect, even in sweats.



human hair color, blond, human, mouth, girl, The threat of catching a disease is a huge and very valid fear when it comes to dating. Especially with how many people expose their partner to their disease before letting them know they have one! No matter how awkward, if you are fearful, just ask! If your partner is clean, they should have no problem letting you know.



hair, human hair color, hairstyle, girl, blond, With the rise of the MTV show, the fear of being catfished is very real. The idea of meeting someone that doesn’t match their photo or description at all is enough to cause anyone fear. If possible, meet in person early in a relationship. A physical attraction and connection is important to many and doesn’t make you shallow.


Meeting Family (and Friends)

eyewear, glasses, face, vision care, nose, Finally meeting your significant other's family and friends is something a lot of us dread. “Will they approve of me?” “Will I fit in?” are completely normal thoughts to have before the big meeting. Remember firstly, they’ll probably adore you and secondly, it’s not them you’re dating. What they think of you comes after what your partner thinks!


Creepy Messages on Sites

, All of us girls have probably received some unsolicited messages on dating and other sites. From pictures of random guys’ genitals, to requests for favors, and more, it’s enough to set anyone off from dating. Try to remember, not everyone is like this! If your inbox is overpopulated with this type of message, consider taking a break from sites and finding a date the old-fashioned way.


Being Recognized from Dating Sites

nose, cheek, girl, chin, mouth, Not too different from receiving creepy messages, being recognized by strangers due to our dating profiles can be scary, as well as embarrassing. Nobody wants to be ordering coffee to have the barista say, “Hey I’ve seen you on Tinder!” If you recognize anyone in real life from sites, keep it quiet!


Realizing You Have Lipstick on Your Teeth and Other Faux Pas

girl, finger, hand, brown hair, Finally, one of my first (and every) date fears is that I’ll go to the bathroom halfway through, or even when the night is over and discover a fashion mishap. From having lipstick on my teeth or having my bra show through my shirt, I’ve realized many things in the middle of a date and been absolutely embarrassed. Try to keep in mind, your date is likely more focused on you than your outfit, and even if they have noticed, we all have little accidents!

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