5 Steps on How to Balance Sex and Love in a Relationship ...


5 Steps on How to Balance Sex and Love in a Relationship ...
5 Steps on How to Balance Sex and Love in a Relationship ...

Wondering how to balance sex and love in a relationship?

Let’s all keep an open mind here and try this tip out. First let’s look at our sex lives and compare them with emotional support/care/love that we get from our partners.

If there is more sex given than emotions received in a relationship then that is a red flag. Slow down the humping and test out your partner to see if they are only in it for the sex. If you find out they are only in it for the sex, stay positive!

On the other hand if you find out you do receive all the emotional support, loving and care from your partner more than you give out the sex….then you better unleash the beast and get humping like rabbits; your partner deserves it.

Females are emotional beings and males are sexual beings. Females crave attention, love and care while males crave sex. So if you are the emotional being in the relationship, become a sexual beast. If you’re the sexual being in the relationship, become the emotional being and show love towards your partner.

Give it a try. You have nothing to lose and hopefully your relationship will get better. Here's how to balance sex and love in a relationship.

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Identify if You’re Getting the Same Amount of Attention as You're Giving out

face, nose, mouth, girl, cheek, Make sure your partner is fulfilling all your needs. You want him to please you sexually, but you also want him to stimulate you emotionally.


Taper down or Increase the Sex

white, black, photograph, black and white, monochrome photography, Building a better bond might mean you need to cut back on sex to have a real strong conversation. OR you might need to start having more sex in order to feel closer. Find out which side of the spectrum your relationship is on and go from there.


Sit Back and Watch What Happens

nose, cheek, forehead, love, kiss, Picture this: You're at a loss for words. You've tried communicating with your partner, only to be let down time and time again. HOLD UP! Instead of pushing the issue over and over and over again, take a step back and let him come to you. Maybe he'll give you exactly what you need when he gets a little space.


Make Sure You Communicate with Your Partner

interaction, girl, mouth, fun, conversation, You need to tell your partner how you feel and what you want. Maybe he doesn't see a problem with how things are going. Maybe he thinks you like the situation. Maybe he isn't happy either, but doesn't know how to say it. Whatever the situation, you need to make sure feelings are clear on both ends so problems can be fixed.


Last but Not Least, in a Relationship Both Parties Should Give 100%

mode of transport, car, structure, vehicle, sport venue, The old saying that relationships are 50/50 is wrong! Relationships need to be 100/100. You BOTH need to give your all to make it work.

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