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7 Distractions That Can Destroy a Relationship ...

By Heather

This generation is all about distractions, but did you know that some of those things that can destroy a relationship can be as simple as texting too much or by using your iPhone too much? While lots of us want to be connected to everything all of the time, one of the distractions that can destroy a relationship is being too connected. Don't know exactly what I mean? Take a look at my top 7 things that can wreck a relationship, many of which you might not think is a big deal at all!

1 Texting

Remember when I said that texting was one of the things that can destroy a relationship? It's true for guys and girls alike. If you are constantly chatting up and texting your friends while you are on a date with your partner, it's going to make him or her upset. If you are constantly checking your text messages and not paying attention because your eyes light up whenever you get a text, it's not a good thing. Prioritize, girls!

2 Tablets

Tablets are another distraction that can destroy a relationship. Whether it is an iPad or any other tablet out there, it's another thing that can distract you from spending time with the person you love. It can even stop you from really connecting you with each other. So girls, put down the tablets and step away from them. I promise, it'll be that much better for your relationship!

3 YouTube

I get that YouTube is the end all, be all of funny videos and tutorials for everything imaginable, but truthfully, sometimes just bringing up YouTube can make your partner's skin crawl. If he has to watch another makeup tutorial, a fan vid, a game cheat, or even another stupid yet hilarious video, he might get bored or frustrated, and that can lead to problems. So close out YouTube for now and spend some time with your guy!

4 Facebook

All right, I confess: I am absolutely addicted to Facebook. I have it on my phone and honestly, I log in all of the time. It's also one of the top things that can destroy a relationship. How many times have you gotten upset over something said on Facebook? How many times have you misinterpreted someone posting on your partner's wall as something more than it is? Take it all with a grain of salt, girls! It isn't that important!

5 Tumblr

Tumblr is exactly the same way! For those of you who don't know what Tumblr is, it's sort of like Facebook (although much better!) and even a little like Pinterest. It consists of lots of pictures and even journal entries. This is another thing that destroy a relationship rather easily – all because it is a distraction and things can be taken the wrong way.

6 Smartphones

And where do all of these websites and apps live? On your smartphones, of course! Androids, iPhones, whatever you have. Girls, our phones are some of the best phones out there, but you also want to make sure that you are paying attention to your partner. Guys, some of you do this too. So put down the phone, don't pick it up again and pay attention to your sweetie!

7 Emails

Finally, this is one thing that can destroy a relationship only if you become too obsessed with it. My girlfriend and I are obsessed with our emails and truthfully, it can get really annoying when she is constantly checking them. I know it's true for me too, especially if I keep checking my work emails after work. Remember, emails can only be a distraction if you let them!

So, there you have it! These are all of my top distractions that can destroy a relationship rather easily. Can you think of any other things that can destroy a relationship? Share in the comments!

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