8 Sex Myths 💭 Completely De-Bunked 🙌 ...


Like any other myths, common sex myths are easy to believe because they are perpetuated by people who think they are true. Sex, dating, birth control…life in general. This is complicated stuff and sometimes people make stuff up. Like “instead of using a condom, you can jump up and down after sex” (not true - gravity and physical activity do not affect sperm). So how do you figure out what’s real and what’s fake?

Here are 8 common sex myths. I am bursting them one at a time.

1. You’re Only Having Sex if There’s Vaginal Penetration

I have heard this before, but I cannot confirm or deny where and from who. In fact, it's one of the most common sex myths out there. I can confirm one thing for sure. Sexual intercourse is not just penile/vaginal, It’s also oral and anal sex.

Pulling out


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