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The 3 Easiest Ways to Improve Sex ...

By Sici

Lots of women are insecure about sex, so the first thing you need to realise is that you’re not alone. And then you need to read this for some of the easiest ways to improve sex. Sex is an important aspect of a healthy, stable relationship so it’s only natural that you have some hang ups about it. Many of us wonder if we are bad at sex. It’s difficult to label what is good sex and what is bad sex, because everyone wants something different and has different criteria. But, like everything else in a relationship, sex needs work to keep it happy and satisfying. The important thing is to not stress about it. Relax and be confident. These are the three easiest ways to improve sex.

1 Stop Worrying about How You Look

black, photograph, black and white, man, monochrome photography, One of the easiest ways to improve sex is to quit thinking about what you look like. If you’re worrying about how you look, you can’t be totally engaged in the process. Yes, it’s difficult to say to not focus on your body when it is such an inherent feature of sex, but it’s a fact that you are going to be contorted, finding yourself in strange angles and positions and some of these are not going to be the most flattering to your body. Do you think your partner is worrying? No! They are going to be more concerned by how you feel, how you smell and how you respond, than how you look. They already think you’re hot! They’re having sex with you!

2 Ask for What You Want and Need

muscle, leg, girl, black hair, hand, If you think you are bad at sex because you aren’t satisfied and it’s your fault, think again. If you are making the right noises and letting your partner think you are enjoying sex, how does he know you aren't? Do you struggle to reach orgasm because he never quite hits the spot? Does he always climax before you? Are there places he doesn’t focus on, but you wish he would, or is there something or a position you always wanted to try? How can you get these things if you don’t ask for them? Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. Then branch out a bit. Ask your partner what he wants too. You can both only win if sex is better for you both. It’s not how often that counts, but how good it is when it happen


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3 There is Absolutely No Set Rule of How Many Times or How Often You Should Have Sex

car, black, black and white, motor vehicle, monochrome photography, If you’re in a committed relationship you probably aren’t at it like bunnies like when you first got together. Now it’s about making sure you are having satisfying sex. If you’re still having hot, passionate, rip your clothes off sex - awesome. If not, focus on the quality, not the quantity. Take time to explore. Act out a fantasy or two. Find new positions. Maybe take the lead or initiate sex if your partner usually does it. If you’re comfortable in your relationship you should be able to have frank and open discussions about your sex life and figure out what you both want.

Above all else- remember to have fun!

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