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Even if you may think otherwise, read these tips for dating a single parent because there are a lot of compelling reasons to do so. Most people are apprehensive about dating single parents because they think that this kind of relationship is more complicated and that having a kid equals more responsibility, but things are not the way you may think they are. Dating a single mom or a single dad can be the greatest thing ever and you may even discover that they are your Mrs. or Mr. Right. Here are a few very compelling reasons to date a single parent that you should consider:

1. They Are Tough and Independent

One of the most compelling reasons to date a single parent is precisely the fact that they are tough and independent, and that they can take care of their family. They are no wimps. They are very responsible, hard-working and they are very loyal, since they want stability and security for their little one.

They Don’t Play Games


How about one negative...his ex the mother of his child will always be in your relationship. Yay
Not all true, depends on what kind of single parent is she? Is she single parent because once upon a time she was a mistress who is selfish that never think about ruining a family did she think about ...
Very true!!!
Very true!!!
Lisa M Driscoll
Yeah! Your info is truly wrong and it's not all it's cracked up to be !! Single parents especially guys like to mess around !! Or they are to occupied with their kid! Because their kid comes first before you! I could go on and on !!
Darth Ada
Unless the single parent is this friend of mine. She's a shitty, lazy parent who lets her daughter call every guy she dates daddy.
Frank N Ivey Gallagher
True that
they just want to feel loved
?they just want to feel love
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