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How to Judge Your Boyfriend's Faithfulness ...

By Corina

Fidelity is the cornerstone of every happy relationship and if you wonder if your loved one only has eyes for you, just read on and discover a few obvious signs of a faithful boyfriend. There are a lot of men out there who absolutely adore their partners and who would never cheat on them, no matter how bad things would get between them and their better half. By knowing that your boyfriend is faithful, you will feel safer and more secure, and you’ll be able to focus more on improving other aspects of your relationship. If you want to know if you’re a part of that lucky percentage, here are a few obvious signs of a faithful boyfriend that you should consider:

1 He is Open and Honest

One of the most obvious signs of a faithful boyfriend is the fact that he is open and honest. He shares every little thing with you, he’s transparent and he has nothing to hide from you. You know all there is to know about him, he tells you where he was and with whom, even if you did not ask him that.

2 He Only Has Eyes for You

If, whenever you two go out (or even when you stay at home), your boyfriend can’t take his eyes off you, then this is a sign that he is faithful, that he respects you and that he cherishes your relationship. Sometimes you may even feel a little embarrassed (in the good way) when you are out in public since he always tries to show you how much he loves you.

3 His Friends Know All There is to Know about You

Here, I’m not referring only to the fact that his friends know all there is to know about you but also to the fact that they know that he’s head over heels about you. They also know every little detail about your life since he can’t stop bragging about you, even to the point that he is starting to annoy them.

4 Your Friends Don’t Report Anything Amiss

Just ask your friends if they notice any signs of infidelity on the part of your boyfriend or even if he seems to be faithful when you are not around him. If they’ve seen nothing that can be described as suspicious, then you can rest assured and simply enjoy your partner’s company.

5 He is Interested in Your Interests

Someone who is interested in your interests and who constantly makes efforts to get to know you better is probably heads over heels with you and doesn’t need or want to be unfaithful. He just wants to understand better what you like and what you dislike, so he can know what to do to make you happy.

6 He Calls for No Reason

Does your boyfriend often call for no reason, just to hear your voice and to let you know that he misses you? He just can’t seem to go through the working day without giving you a call or sending you a text, no matter how busy he is. This is a sure sign that you have his undivided attention and that wants to share every little thought that crosses his mind with you.

7 He Values You and Your Opinion

If your boyfriend values you and your opinion, if he is interested in your interests and if he does everything in his power to make you happy, then most likely, he is also faithful because he cherishes your connection since he knows how special and unique you are. He puts high value on your relationship and he includes you in everything he does.

Fidelity is one of the values every relationship should be built on since, in most cases, this is what keeps the two partners together. Do you know any other signs of a faithful boyfriend? Please tell us about them in the comments section!


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