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Crushing on a Coworker? This is What Your Dating Would Be like ...

By Alicia

Dating a coworker can be a lot of fun but it also has the potential to be not so fun. There’re some pros and cons about this scenario. It’s a good idea to think them over before you go into this kind of relationship. It can help you to make the best decision for yourself.

1 Office Support

While you may have a boss that isn’t thrilled about you dating a coworker, for the most part, you’ll have the support of those you work with. An office romance is fun for everyone. Others in the office can watch your relationship bloom. They enjoy that little distraction from work and may even encourage your relationship along. It’s a bit like watching a rom-com in real life, which is always fun.

2 You Can Lunch Together

This’s a nice advantage when you’re dating a coworker. A lot of times you can share your lunch break. It’s nice to have these little mini-dates throughout your work week. While it’s true that you can sometimes meet up with a guy you’re dating for your lunch hour, it’s more convenient when you work together. This shouldn’t be your motivation to date someone from work but it’s a nice advantage.


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3 You Can’t Avoid Each Other if You’re Fighting

And here’s a disadvantage to dating a coworker. If you’re having an off-day or fighting, work isn’t an escape from that. It’s actually worse when you go to work because you really can’t let it show that things aren’t going so well between the two of you. It can make for a tense work environment for you. It can also make for an awkward work environment for those around you if they pick up on your disagreement.

4 You Get to See Him Everyday

In weighing the pros and cons, let’s go back to the pros. When you’re dating a coworker, you get to see each other everyday. There’re couples that work completely opposite shifts so they miss seeing each other entirely. It’s nice to get to have that time together, even if it’s at work. It can make going to work a little bit nicer.

5 You Could Carpool

You could carpool if you’re dating a coworker. This has the practical advantage of saving you gas and wear and tear on your car. That means more money for the two of you to go out and do things. It’s also nice to have that extra bit of time together. Of course, this may not always work out for you if you live in opposite directions from one another but it’s a possibility.

6 Work Becomes a Lot More Fun

When your boyfriend is at work, it suddenly becomes a lot more fun. It can take the dread out of going to work. It can also help your work hours to go by faster. On the flip side, it’s true that you don’t have a lot of time away from each other and that can be a bit much. But there’re other things that you can do to achieve balance in your relationship.

7 A Breakup Could Be a Disaster

This one can’t be left out. A breakup could be a disaster. This isn’t always true; sometimes you can split up and still work together amicably. But the potential for a messy breakup and uncomfortable work conditions is something that you want to consider. Only you know if you feel comfortable taking that risk.

This’s an inside look at what dating a coworker could be like. What’re your thoughts on the subject? Are you crushing on someone you work with?

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