Make Time for "me" Time - How to Find Time for Yourself without Neglecting Your Mate ...


Even if you're 100% happy in your relationship, you might crave time alone. This might be hard for your mate to understand, especially if you spend a lot of time together. But there are ways to find time for yourself without neglecting your partner.

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Communicate with Your Partner

Don't keep your mate in the dark. If you feel you're spending too much time together and you need some alone time, be open and honest. Your mate might perfectly understand your needs, and you never know, he might share your feelings. Keeping the lines of communication open can alleviate hurt feelings.


Have Date Nights with Yourself

If you need a break from everything, including your mate, schedule a date night with yourself. This can be once a week or once a month – whatever makes you comfortable. You can pamper yourself with a pedicure or massage, or treat yourself to a dinner and movie either at home or outside the house. This is your time to unwind with no chatter and zero interruptions.


Make Time for Your Girlfriends

After being in a relationship long-term, you might spend less time with your friends and begin to long for female bonding. Get with a few of your friends and plan a girls' weekend or a girls' night out. It's a break from husbands, boyfriends, children, housework, etc.


Create Your Own Oasis

If you have extra space in your house, maybe you can enjoy time by yourself without leaving your home. Transform a spare bedroom into your own quiet oasis. You can buy comfortable furniture, choose soothing decor and have your version of a "man cave." This room can become your sanctuary whenever you need to unwind alone.


Discover a Hobby or Activity

If you need to spend more time alone, discover a hobby or activity. What are your interests? After being in a relationship for some time, you might start to lose your identity. But if you have activities separate from your partner's, you can maintain your individuality and enjoy time alone with people who share your interests.


Encourage Your Partner to Spend Time with His Friends

Not only should you enjoy time alone, you should encourage your partner to spend time with his friends. If you and your mate are becoming co-dependent or clingy, a little separation might do the relationship some good. You don't have to spend every moment together to have a happy union. If you're making plans to hang out with your friends for the night, encourage him to call up a few of his buddies.


Realize You Don't Have to do Everything Together

If you make plans without your partner, don't feel guilty. The two of you probably spend a lot of time together and do everything together. Therefore, there's nothing wrong with spending a night alone or taking a little time for yourself every day. Enjoying alone time doesn't indicate problems in the relationship, it might make the relationship stronger -- as long as you don't spend too much time apart.

Whether you want to sit in your room and watch a movie alone, or you're planning a weekend getaway with friends, spending time away from your partner helps you maintain a measure of independence -- helping you stand on your own two feet. What are other ways to find time for yourself without neglecting your mate?

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I think everyone should some time to their selves it makes the relationship a little stronger.

I loved this article !

I totally believe that one shud have me time everyday

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