Relationship Moving Too Fast? Here's 7 Ways to Bring It down a Notch ...


You may enjoy spending time with your partner, and the two of you may have a lot in common. But sometimes, a relationship can move faster than you like. You have a choice – either break up with your partner or bring it down a notch. Fortunately, there are ways to slow down a relationship without hurting the union.

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Plan More Group Dates

If you and your partner are always together, you may feel that the relationship is moving too fast and you need space. Rather than go your separate ways, explain how you feel, and then plan more group dates with friends or family. This might reduce some of the pressures of dating. And with other couples or friends around, it won't feel like you're suffocating.


Hold off Meeting the Family

If you want to slow down a relationship, hold off meeting your partner's family until you're ready. Meeting the family takes the relationship to the next level. Your partner may think both of you are moving in the same direction, and his family may feel the relationship is mutually progressing.


Don't Spend Every Waking Moment Together

Couples who spend too much time together in the beginning sometimes feel the relationship is moving too fast. If you want to slow it down without breaking up, give yourself some space. You don't need to spend every waking moment together in order to be happy. You can have your date nights, but you can also plan other activities that don't involve your partner.


Avoid Using Future Tense in Conversations

This might be difficult, but if you want to slow down a relationship, you need to speak in the present. When you speak in future tense or make long-term plans with your partner, this can give him the wrong impression, especially if you're still deciding whether the relationship will work long-term. It's okay to make plans for an upcoming weekend, but you might avoid making plans for two or three months in the future or later in the year.


Talking about the future creates a dynamic where both partners may feel pressured to meet expectations that haven't been fully considered. Remember, it's not about leading anyone on; it's about taking the time to genuinely understand your feelings and intentions. If you're unsure about what lies ahead, it's better to focus on what's happening right now, enjoying your time together, and seeing how things naturally develop. Being upfront about wanting to live in the moment can help establish a healthy pace and ensure that both parties are on the same page.


Keep Your Own Place

Some couples move in together quickly. If you want to bring the relationship down a notch, it helps to have your own place. This way, you can have space when you need it, and when you're alone you're allowed to think clearly and sort out your feelings.


Spend Quality Time with Your Friends

Relationships can be suffocating, if you allow it. Have a talk with your partner and make plans to spend a few nights or weekends apart. You can get together with your friends and go out to dinner and a movie, and he can enjoy bonding time with his friends. This is also a great way to avoid losing your identity in a relationship.


Be Honest and Communicate

From the very beginning, it's important that you're honest and openly communication with your partner. If you feel the relationship is moving too fast, there's a chance he feels the same. Communication ensures you're both on the same page, and it can alleviate confusion and hurt feelings if you start spending more time alone.

Relationships can be complicated, and sometimes, they move faster than we like. Don't be afraid if you need to slow down your relationship. This doesn't mean you're breaking up – actually, it can save the relationship. What are other ways to bring it down a notch?

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