How Living Together Will Change Your Relationship ...


Living together will change up the status quo of your relationship. While some of the changes may surprise you, many of them are changes you’re happy to discover. It’s an exciting new step in your relationship and the best piece of advice you could follow is to relax and enjoy the journey. As long as you’re with the one you love, it’s a beautiful ride!

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Dates May Become Fewer

One thing that may change when you transition to living together is that dates may become fewer. While this can feel a little sad, there’s also a flip side to it. You’re probably having more cuddle time at home than ever. Netflix never looked so good. And it’s really not what you’re doing that matters; it’s who you’re doing it with.


You Learn Each Other’s Quirks

Time for some honesty. One way that your relationship will change when you live together is that you learn each other’s quirks. But remember that you’re getting an inside window into each other that others don’t have and that’s what makes your relationship deeper than any other on the planet. Cherish that special bond you have. And who knows? You may even think your partner’s quirks are cute.


You Begin Handling Day-to-day Things Together

It can feel surreal when your daily conversation goes from what you want to do on your Friday night date to who will pick up the milk on the way home. It’s a definite reminder that you’re in the adult world now. Day-to-day things can actually bring you closer because you have to work as a team to tackle them. It can feel good to conquer a broken hot water heater together. Romance can show up in unexpected ways, you know.


You Have Much More Time Together

You have to love this way that your relationship changes. You go from spending a few hours a week together to days when you aren’t apart. It’s an adjustment, but most find it to be a very pleasant one. You’ll fall into new rituals in your relationship. You may find your favorite part of the week is the deep conversations you have while doing laundry together on Sunday afternoons.


You Learn Their Daily Rhythm in a Whole New Way

You may have known that your partner was or wasn’t a morning person before living together but when you share a home, you find that out in a whole new way. You’re learning more about each other than ever before. They have their personal rhythms just as you do. The magic comes in when you can find a way to mesh your rhythms together in harmony. It sounds a bit complicated, but it’s actually something that’ll happen quite naturally as you share a home.


You Fall into New Shared Routines

When you live together, you have certain routines that you share and love. For example, my husband and I love to watch the show “Forever” together on Tuesday nights. We also love to grill out on Sunday afternoons and then enjoy a blissful nap. The point is, you develop routines when you live together. It’s one of the things that make living under the same roof so special.


Your Feelings Deepen

Lastly, this point has to be mentioned. When you live together, your feelings deepen for one another. It’s a different, richer type of love. Of course, all relationships have the potential to fall apart but if you both have love in your hearts for each other then your relationship will deepen when you’re living together. Enjoy this beautiful change in your relationship and all the others that living together brings.

These are 7 ways that your relationship will change when you live together. What changes concern you? Which changes are you excited about?

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Nice article! @Katie -hahaha! Thats funny

Perfect timing!

Love this article, I love taking a nap with my husband lol we are both in our early 20s but oh well

You learn how messy they are!

Agree with the perfect timing! My boyfriend of 4 years and I just put a hold fee on an apartment Friday! We already know #1 and are saving certain shows on Netflix to watch all day! Lol. It will be quite the adventure!

I can't wait for this

Such a wonderful article!!

Sigh, one day! I'm still living at home but engaged to my man - hoping by the end of the year to be living together and married next year :)

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