7 Date Night Ideas for Married Couples ...

These date night ideas for married couples are great for reigniting the romance in your marriage. When you start dating someone, you always show them the best side of yourself. You are polite, you’re romantic and you’re creative. After marriage, people tend to become content and stop doing the things they used to do, like dating. Don’t fall into the habit of “date night” meaning dinner out and possibly a movie. Try some of these date night ideas for married couples that are more unusual to let your partner see you in a different light. Do something fun, be goofy and laugh!

1. Go Geocaching!

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Date night ideas for married couples don’t have to be dull, go on an adventure! If you have a handheld GPS device or a smart phone, you have the tools to go out and get started! If you haven’t heard of geocaching, I’ll give you a brief run-down: people all over the world hide little boxes of treasure and then post clues to help you find it! You can use the geocaching app (link above) or any geocaching website to find your clues and get on your way. I live in a small town that is at least an hour in any direction from any real city so I thought there was no way there would be any hidden near me. Turns out there are several hundred within 15 minutes of here! That includes one that is DIRECTLY across the street (I saw the posting about it at 2am and made my husband come with me to find it)! I had no idea! They can be hidden anywhere, even in plain sight! Unless you know what you’re looking for you would be unlikely to even spot it! This is a super fun activity to start with your spouse and you can even get the kids involved once you get the hang of it!

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