7 Cheap and Creative Date Ideas for Broke Couples in Love ...


7 Cheap and Creative Date Ideas for Broke Couples in Love ...
7 Cheap and Creative Date Ideas for Broke Couples in Love ...

For the low maintenance ladies out there looking for creative and cheap date ideas that won’t have you ordering off the dollar menu of a fast food joint, listen up. Dating does not have to abide by a strict dinner-and-a-movie rule. And if you’ve been dating the same man long term, you might be trying to save money for your future together. Grab your someone special and a few bucks and try some of these super creative and cheap date ideas. After all, you can still spend time with the one you love without spending tons of money.

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Stage a Fun Photo Shoot

When it comes to creative and cheap date ideas, staging your own couple photo shoot could really be a lot of fun. Go out to the nearest dollar store and buy a few props, such as oversized sunglasses, fake mustaches, glittery stickers or plastic hats. The dollar store is the perfect place to get maximum goofiness on a minimum budget. Then get out there and snap some photos. Instagram it on your phones or go old school and find yourself a disposable camera and a one hour photo lab. Either way, you’ll have a cute little date, some mementos to remember it by and pictures to show off.


Browse a Local Flea Market

Flea markets are a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning with the man you love. You can wander around and get nostalgic about all the old toys you used to have. Maybe the two of you will find some cheap vintage decor for the apartment or just browse the wares while sipping on a fresh squeezed lemonade.


Make It an Evening of Competitive Play at the Cafe

Grab a Scrabble board and a hot coffee and put some friendly competition into your date night. Wager that the loser buys the dessert. With just a few board games and a cozy spot at your local coffee shop, you can have a fun and budget-friendly date that you both will enjoy.


Look for an Outdoor Movie Screening

For the traditional couples who love going to the movies but aren’t looking to drop the $40 on tickets and snacks, seeing an outdoor movie is the best of both worlds. Weather permitting, local outdoor movie screenings can be a romantic get-together. Bring a blanket and some popcorn and cozy up to a screening of a celluloid classic. While this option is not available in every location or at every time of the year, if the time and place are right, give an outdoor movie a try.


Spend a Day Volunteering Together

If you’ve found someone you really care about, you know you have a lot to be thankful for. So why not spend a day at a church fundraiser, soup kitchen, animal shelter or other worthy cause? Volunteering your time together will help you grow closer as a couple and will keep you mindful that expensive gifts or five-star restaurants aren’t the most important things in life.

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Have a Picnic in the Park

Pick a shady spot with some lush scenery and plop yourself down for lunch. Each of you bring a dish and don’t forget the checkered blanket. You could even bring a portable radio or battery powered iPod speaker for some added ambiance. Follow up the meal with a leisurely stroll around the park.


Browse Your Local Library Together

Nothing says cheap and creative like busting out that old library card. Hit the stacks for a good read or even borrow a free movie. Some local libraries even host special events, free to the public. You know what they say: the couple that reads together, stays together. Well, I think I made that up. But you get the idea.

It’s all too easy to go out for dinner every weekend, but put those bland old plans aside for now and try something a little more creative and much more wallet friendly. Fine dining is nice every once in a while, but for broke couples in love, budget dating is the creative way to go. What ways do you save money by making date night more creative?

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I love this! I was at work all night trying to figure out what me and my babe could do for date night tonite (and we're broke this week lol) the flea market idea sounds great, he just moved into his new place!!!! Thank again for the ideas...you were right on time

Perfect timing, I was literally about to google this!

If only I had a boyfriend ..

or a classic picnic in the park!

Geocaching should be added to the list

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