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7 Dating Sins to Stop Committing Right Now ...

By Stephanie

Ever wondered why some relationships end at very short notice, and what dating sins might have been committed to make it end so soon? Well, being in a relationship is not easy. While there is nothing sweeter than two people who are dating and in love, things can get pretty ugly when we do things that are unbecoming. Committing even one dating sin may have your partner thinking about whether or not to end the relationship, which may leave your precious heart in despair. While it may be obvious what these sins are, some are a little more subtle, so to help, here are 7 dating sins to stop committing right now.

1 Not Saying What You Mean

Ladies, men are not psychic. They can't read minds and figure out what you are thinking or feeling. Don't say you're feeling great, when in reality you're feeling down. You want to be straight up and honest. You can't get mad at your partner and expect him to make you feel better when you just told him nothing's wrong. That will just have him all puzzled and he may even become annoyed. That right there, is one of the most major dating sins to avoid.

2 Being Clingy

Okay. This is a no-no. I mean, sure it's great to want to be around your partner - after all, he's hard to resist. I get it! You have to spend time with him. But you want to give your partner his space to think and reflect on a personal level. You also want him to miss you at times and feel like not talking or seeing you every day of the hour makes him feel empty inside. You are not being selfish, trust me. Giving your partner his space is totally acceptable. You don't want to partner to believe or feel like you have to be around him 24/7 to be complete.


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3 Being a Drama Queen

On a serious note, if you are a drama queen, that needs to stop right now. You don't want to be that girl who blows everything out of proportion, especially if it's not that serious. Being a drama queen will have you and your partner in constant turmoil, or worse, have him walking on eggshells, and how long do you think he'll want to do that? You want to be mellow about situations and not lash out about every little thing.

4 Asking for Way Too Much

You don't want to come off as needy, although I do believe it's okay to ask and receive what you need from your partner. Asking for way too much in the material realm, like buying you a lot of jewelry, bags, clothes and shoes will make your partner view you as dependent on him, or worse, as a gold-digger. That one of the dating sins you definitely don't want to commit my dear. It will have your partner thinking you are using him for only one purpose, causing him to disappear - poof.

5 Being Bossy

You don't want your partner to view you as a dictator, flexing your emotional muscle to show that you are in total control in the relationship, and that you see him as a cute puppy. That's condescending - how would it make you feel if your partner was always bossing you around?

6 Being Selfish

Being selfish is so uncool. You want to make sure you are not only thinking about yourself but your partner as well. This is a dating sin that is very unattractive because it will have your partner feeling left out, because he doesn't seem important or worthy to you. You don't want to only care about your needs and emotions, but his too. You want to exchange love, emotions and support from each other in order for a successful relationship.

7 Talking to Your Ex Constantly

After a breakup, your ex may become your best friend or your worst enemy. While you are dating your new partner, it's always a good idea to not talk to your ex all the time. Your partner may become jealous and begin thinking that you two may rekindle your relationship. He will also believe you still have feelings for your ex which you probably don't - you two are probably good friends. Unfortunately, that may not cross his mind. Talking to or about your ex all the time is the last dating sin you may not want to commit because your partner may be assuming what may not be a fact, causing an uproar between you two.

Now that you've read my post about 7 dating sins to stop committing right now, I hope you will take these points in consideration. While certain sins are probably not intentional, it's good to try and control them or get rid of them to have a somewhat successful relationship. What other dating sins can you think of?

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