7 Things to Keep in Mind for Long-distance Relationships ...


At some point in our lives, we may run into the issue of long-distance relationships. But don't let the distance tear you apart! There are ways to help your long-distance relationships thrive and keep them strong. Here are some great tips to keep in mind:

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Trust ...

The number one thing you have to make sure you have in long-distance relationships is TRUST. This little five letter word has such an impact on a relationship, regardless of distance. If you don't have trust, you really have nothing. You will constantly be worrying yourself with pointless "what ifs" and forget the bigger, more important things.


Compromise ...

Alternate between who travels to see whom. Don't let it be one sided. Granted, there can be certain exceptions to this, but that is between you and your partner to work out. Make a compromise to meet halfway, or find a solution that works for both of you.


Plan Ahead ...

Being in a long-distance relationship definitely needs some planning. How long will the visit be, travel plans, taking time off if needed, etc. Yes, it's a little harder to be spontaneous... But when it is, it is always the sweetest surprise. When you finally get to see each other, make it memorable! Time with them is even more precious because sadly, it is pretty limited.


Skype or FaceTime ...

Make some time for some face-to-face interaction, even if it's only thorough technology. Take advantage! Schedule a call at a time that works with both of your schedules. It is always nice to be able to see your significant other when you aren't able to in real life. You can really feel and see emotion with a face-to-face conversation versus constant back and forth texts. It keeps the bond between you and your hunny strong.


Be Understanding ...

Sometimes things might not go as planned, or something unexpected comes up - but hey, that's life, right? You have to be patient and understanding. However, if this kinda thing starts to happen time after time after time, take it as a sign. Start to reevaluate things and think about what the next step should be.


Give Reassurance ...

Make sure you show your significant other how much you care and how important they are to you. Reassure them once in a while. Everyone like a little reassurance now and then, guys and girls alike! Make them know that you are still in this 100% and they should definitely do the same.


Send a Surprise ...

Whether it's a box filled with awesome goodies, or a simple card to say "I Love You" (instead of just texting it!), sending little things here and there is a great way to show your partner that you really miss them and care. How cute would it be to come home to a package from your one and only? It is guaranteed to put a smile on their face and brighten up their day.

I'm curious to see what else you guys think are good things to keep in mind when in long-distance relationships. I know they can be difficult, but I also know they can be so so, so worth it. Any other long-distance tips you'd like to share? Are any of you currently in one?

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it has not been easy as we argue and quarrel often. Sometime i get irritated, feel lonely and miss him so much that i will become aggressive to him over the phone. we also communicate a lot for hours on phone. we do have our happy and sweet moments. It is not easy always, however it is not impossible. Trust and unconditional love is the antidote.

My boyfriend is moving to Australia soon and in here in New Zealand, this is going to be my first long distant relationship, and this app is helping me keep strong and think positive

I am in one. But, we got to a point to where we always argue. so i gave him the whoe febuary month to think about what his next move is. Feb28 was yesterday, and he didnt talk to me all day. So, i guess that means were through.

They work sometimes and sometimes they don't. Don't be the one always traveling to see him or her. Don't expect what is important to you to be the same for the other. And finally make sure you have a timeline in mind to end the long distance between the two of you. If not you'll miss out on other things in life.

i am in one for 10years now. he is in Europe while i am in Africa. he visits yearly for an intensive one month together.

I am in one, and I love it! We are both so dedicated to each other, and are getting. Arrived later this year! It's working for us because we fly out to see each other every two or three weeks.

while skyping/facetiming, have a movie night, pick a movie and press play at the same time and just have fun while eatching it together the distance seems to not exist at the moment and play cute personality trivia games

I might be going to Germany for 10 months while my boyfriend stays in the US

My partner and I are living between Australia and Uk. I just visited him in Australia and we plan to be apart for no longer than 6 months. Skyping is hard because he isn't very tech savvy, but we always call twice a day. I'd say that writing letters in the mail are a nice thing to do. Such a good way of expressing yourself. More personal than email xxxxx

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