7 Ways to Make Your Relationship Stronger ...

By Kati

Our local community center has recently started hosting events on ways to make your relationship stronger. While the idea seemed an odd one at first, the events have been a huge success. It seems that everyone wants to keep their relationship strong and healthy, and most people have no idea how to do that. It’s started a lot of great conversations about ways to make your relationship stronger without investing all of your time into it, and some great tips have come out of it. Here they are!

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Make Your Loved One a Priority…

One of the top ways to make your relationship stronger is to give it priority. It goes without saying that it won’t always be your number one priority. You’ll have some occasions where a baby or child needs to come first, and others where you need to give just about everything to your career. Your relationship should always be a priority, though, even if it can’t be your top priority. When possible, devote your time to it. That doesn’t mean give up all of your free time…just be thoughtful, and focus on the relationship. Ignore the phone if it rings in the middle of a chat – you can always call back later.


Share Things…

One of the most common relationship complaints is that one partner withdraws. Usually, that’s because they are stressed or upset, or they’re worrying about something. Rather than withdrawing and putting your relationship under stress, too, try sharing with your partner. Share love, fear, responsibilities, worries. Even if they can’t actually help you, you won’t risk excluding them by pushing them away.


Talk about Money…

Finances are one of the biggest causes of arguments, and it’s getting worse now that we’re in a recession. Don’t argue over finances. Resist the urge to complain and bicker. Instead, brainstorm together about what you spend on, how you can save and how you could earn more. Look at what you could sell, or how you can fill the deficit. Work together, so that money doesn’t tear you apart.


Be a Friend…

Don’t forget to be a friend during the relationship. Avoid saying things that you wouldn’t say to your best friend – if they annoyed you, you’d probably bite your tongue a little, but we tend not to with partners. Make sure you spend some time having fun, so that the relationship doesn’t become all about the seriousness. In general, be a friend.


Have Better Arguments…

Okay, so nobody wants to argue, but it’s a fact of life. If you do need to argue, do it well. Listen to the other side's argument, and don’t interrupt. Don’t fall in to the trap of just waiting for them to stop talking so that you can make a point, either – actually listen to what is being said. You’ll be grateful that you did.

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One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles possesses the only strength which can overcome adversity.

Albert Schweitzer

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff…

I can’t remember how many times I’ve asked my partner not to leave his milk glasses all over the house, or not to run the dishwasher half empty because he needs a bowl/fork/spoon…but he’s always asking me to remember to turn the heating off, too, and I’m terrible at leaving notebooks all over the house. We don’t argue about it, though. If you feel frustrated, take a deep breathe and exhale it all out. The small stuff isn’t worth getting upset over.


Be Affectionate…

Another of the top ways to make your relationship stronger? To be affectionate, and remember why you love your partner. It can be as simple as telling your partner that you love or miss them, or you could go on a date. Even just picking up something that you know they’ll love at the supermarket, or giving them a massage just because.

Of course, these aren’t the only ways to make your relationship stronger. There are a lot of ways that you can reconnect, and many of them don’t require much time or effort, just a little thoughtfulness. Just don’t leave it too late – that takes a lot more effort to save! Do you know any great ways to make your relationship stronger? Let me know!

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