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Different Types of Love You Experience in Life ...

By Janelle

There are lots of different types of love. Love comes in many forms. There is a crush, to a deep heart breaking for someone you love.

Is it simple? Yes and no. To fall in love is so easy, to be in a relationship is very hard. Why?

Because you have fights, and you worry about your loved one deeply. When you're together with someone it all falls into place.

Heartbreak is bad when someone breaks up with you, and you love them - it can ruin you.

If you break up with someone, it is hard also, but be careful. Why? The person could be suicidal because he or she loved you so much.

Marriage is a very important factor of love. To death, you will be with that person forever.

Divorce is very bad too. It could haunt you forever. Countless, and severe pain. Just like a breakup.

There are 8 different types of love. Sexual, mind, brotherly, playful, soul, self, your love for children, and lasting love.

Its weird to think, well I love this person just the same, but it is different. Well, that is because there are different types of love that we all feel. Here are the different types of love.

1 Puppy Love

Romantic, intense love, for the process of becoming an adult.
But really we all feel it from time to time.

2 Crush Love

A strong passion for anything or anyone, but it does not last long. Like on movies, you feel sick because you cannot be with them, but eventually, move on.

3 Deep Love

Deep love can come in many forms, but you are absolutely in love with this person. You would do, be there for him/ her forever together.You believe this person is your soulmate or better. You would do anything for your love, severely passionately, and sweet.

What is life like without love? You feel nothing but pain, and sickness. The truth that we should all hold is that we cannot survive without love.

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