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How to Deal with Valentine's Day This Year when You're Single ...

By Natalie

Wondering how to deal with Valentine's Day when you're single? For some of you, perhaps it is another, ‘NOT AGAIN,’ moment. There is nothing to be ashamed about, especially with the discounted cards, candy, and booze post-V-Day. In other words, that is a DOUBLE SCORE!

Whether you are working late or maybe even ditchin’ work or school to avoid the day of L.O.V.E., you still deserve a little break and therefore, should treat yo’ self when it comes to love. After all, self-love is key when it comes to getting involved with someone else. It has always been a win-lose situation if you do not love yourself first because then how can you love another person?

Here's how to deal with Valentine's Day when you're single.

1 Get Drunk and Go Watch Fifty Shades Freed – I Literally Made This Proposal to a Few Friends and It is Something We Plan on Doing. besides, I Personally Despised the Franchise, but They Are Fun to Watch. so, I Cannot Imagine How This Viewing Will Be Drunk

2 Stock up on All the Chocolates

3 Stock up on All the Candies

4 Grab Dinner and Drinks with Friends and Catch up. See How Each Other’s Day Was

5 Grab Dinner and Drinks with Friends and Vent. Cry. Laugh. Talk Shit of Your Ex(es). It is Okay. People Should Seriously Stop Judging when It Comes to a ‘get out of Jail for Free’ Card

6 Binge Watch All the Romantic-comedies and Laugh

7 Binge Watch All the Romantic-comedies and Cry

8 If You Are Really down to do so, You Could Just Pop in All the Nicholas Sparks Movies. Hello, "the Notebook!"

9 Get a Mani and/or Pedi, but the Spa Deluxe Version

10 Buy a New Sex Toy. Whatever Floats Your Boat. but Lastly, do Whatever the FUCK You Want. Go Home and Sleep and Read or Whatever

Whatever you end up deciding to do, just say FUCK IT and enjoy your day. Who gives a shit what others might think? And if you are like me and recently gone through a breakup, you should probably avoid social media and do not stalk him or her. And especially do NOT stalk their new lady and/or fella. Just do NOT.

Block them.

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