5 Easy Ways to Spot a Relationship That's a Waste of Your Time ...


5 Easy Ways to Spot a Relationship That's a Waste of Your Time  ...
5 Easy Ways to Spot a Relationship That's a Waste of Your Time  ...

The game of love can sometimes be a really tough and confusing one to play, with only a few lucky people getting things right the first time round and ending up with a soul mate from the start. The rest of us mere mortals are forced to experience lots of different relationships that don’t turn out to be our forever connections, and when you break up with someone, you always look back in hindsight and wish you had seen the signs that is wasn’t going to go the distance much earlier. Here are five easy ways to spot a relationship you are completely wasting your time with.

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Not a Priority

You have started to notice that you are not actually his priority. He would rather spend time with friends and other social circles than spend it with you, which obviously isn’t the way that a true soul mate should behave. If he is cancelling plans with you for no other reason than he would prefer to do something else, with someone else, then you can see that that is a clear problem.


No Family Introduction

You have been dating for quite a long time, but he still hasn’t bothered to introduce you to his family or any of his closest friends. You would think that is he was serious about your relationship, then he would have already incorporated you in to his wider life, but keeping you something of a secret at this late stage isn’t a good sign.


Lack of Intimacy

Having good sex is one thing, but intimacy should extend beyond that. He might like to sleep with you, but does he like to hold your hand in public, or cuddle up on the couch to watch Netflix at night? It’s these smaller moments of intimacy that scream love rather than the actual act of having sex.


You Prefer Different Company

It could be something that you are feeling or doing rather than him. If you are the one who prefers to spend time with your friends or comes up with excuses to be unavailable to see him, then you have to wonder, why are you even still dating?


Serial Cheater

You are fighting a losing battle if you are in a relationship with someone who you know has cheated on multiple partners in the past. We all think we are going to be the one that breaks the streak and changes his behaviour for good, but in reality, this kind of pattern tends to keep going.

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