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He doesn’t seem like the greatest role model at first glance, but there are some Barney Stinson flirting moves that you should steal. Now, you shouldn’t lie and cheat to get what you want like he does, but you should pick up some subtle hints from him. If you’re trying to seduce someone, try using these Barney Stinson flirting moves:

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Haaave You Met Ted?

If you’re having trouble in the dating department, get a wingman! All they need to do is tap someone on their shoulder, point to you, and ask the big question: “Haaave you met [name]?” It’s simple, yet effective. Even if you don’t want to use that exact phrase, one of the Barney Stinson flirting moves you should steal is to always have a wingman.


A wingman isn't just for show; they're your hype person, someone who can talk you up and break the ice so you don't have to. Think of them as your personal romance assistant, setting the stage for you to shine. Plus, this tactic puts a fun spin on introductions, easing the tension. Remember, confidence is key! With the support of a good wingman, you'll have that extra boost of confidence to strut into the conversation with charm and poise. What's better than a personal endorsement from a friend to kickstart a potential love story?


Nothing Suits Me like a Suit

Always dress to impress. You don’t want to be with someone that values your appearance over your personality, but you need to make a good first impression. Unfortunately, the first thing someone will see is your outfit, not your sense of humor. Wear something amazing, and then back it up with your awesome personality.


Making a statement with your wardrobe is essential. Opt for a tailored suit that frames your form and displays a sense of sophistication. Think of it as a sartorial wingman - it elevates your confidence, demands respect, and draws the eye. Remember, it's all about fit - a suit that hugs in the right places without restricting your swagger. And ladies love a sharp-dressed man; it’s a truth universally acknowledged. So slip into that suit, let it complement your personality, and watch as it becomes a reflection of your refined taste. Walk into any room as the embodiment of both style and substance.


I’m 100% Awesome and You Know It

Confidence is key, and we all know that Barney has more confidence than anyone. No matter what situation he’s in, he act like he can handle it, even if he can't. He always speaks highly of himself, and you rarely hear him voice complaints about his self image. You might think poorly of yourself, but you have to act like you think you’re a prize. Pretty soon, your acting will become a reality.


Believe it, breathe it, strut it. Striding through life with the belief that you're unparalleled doesn't just change the way others perceive you—it reshuffles your own deck of self-worth. Embrace the notion that you're a catch, and display that assurance in your smile, your walk, and every single interaction. The world is your stage, and confidence? That’s your spotlight. So shine bright, because before you know it, that front you've put up won't be an act anymore; it will be your newfound truth.


The Playbook

Be creative. You shouldn’t dress up like a genie or a member of Cheap Trick like Barney does, but you can approach people in unique ways. It’s common to get hit on at a bar by being told that you’re pretty. Try doing something a little different, but unlike Barney, always be yourself.


To channel your inner Barney, concoct a conversation starter that shows off your wit and charm. For example, if you're into books, ask about what they're currently reading — it's personal and shows you're interested. Remember, it’s about standing out and sparking interest, not about crafting an elaborate lie. Genuine interest and originality go much further than a rehearsed line. So next time you're out, try a playful debate about something light-hearted—the kind that says, "I'm fun, confident, and interested in what you have to say," rather than just another face in the crowd trying to score your number.


Teacup Pigs

Barney purchases a teacup pig, because he knows its cuteness attracts the ladies. You don’t have to invest in an animal, but there are plenty of props that can help you strike up a conversation. Bring along a popular book that others will recognize, or wear a shirt declaring your favorite band. Others with similar interests will approach you, and the love story shall begin.


Barney's strategy with the teacup pig is borderline genius – who can resist the charm of a miniature pet? That said, remember not to overshadow your sparkling personality with your prop. The aim is to pique interest and dazzle them with your wit and charm once the conversation starts. Whether it's showcasing your culinary skills with homemade cookies at a party or juggling at the park, the quirky twist will set you apart. Just be sure your convo-starter reflects your true interests – authenticity is key to a genuine connection!


Do You like Magic?

Some people aren’t all that fond of Barney’s skills as a magician, but he preforms magic anyway. You have to be yourself, no matter what. If someone else doesn’t approve of your actions, oh well. You can find someone else who really loves you for you.


Barney never shies away from showing his passion for magic, even though it might not be everyone's cup of tea. It's all about embracing your quirks—those unique traits are sometimes the ones that make you most attractive. So, care less about the naysayers and more about the sparkle in the eyes of those who appreciate your individuality. After all, confidence is key, and nothing screams confidence like a man willing to do a trick with a deck of cards in one hand and charm in the other.


Challenge Accepted

Don’t keep your distance from someone you like, because you don’t think you have a chance. A challenge is fun, after all. You should never let your insecurities stop you from going out there, and getting to know someone. Accept the challenges, instead of running away from them. You'll soon figure out just how much you can accomplish when you really put yourself out there.

If you’re a fan of How I Met Your Mother, then you know how truly legendary Barney Stinson is. What’s your favorite play from the Playbook? What about your favorite quote of his? There are plenty to choose from!

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Love this! ❤️

This post is legendary

"This is gonna be legend -wait for it- dary! Legendary!"

I love how I met your mother and Barney is awesome!

Love how I met your mother!! Best tv show ever!!

My favorite play in the playbook is the "Lorenzo von madehon".... I think thats the spelling. :-)

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