7 Wantonly Wicked Ways to Seduce Him Using Body Language ...


7 Wantonly Wicked Ways to Seduce Him Using Body Language ...
7 Wantonly Wicked Ways to Seduce Him Using Body Language ...

How to Seduce Him without being too pushy or too straightforward? Well, isn’t that a question most ladies would like to see answered! Well, let’s talk body language then, as nothing can be more subtle and yet and more hypnotizing than a woman who knows how to draw attention to herself without even looking like she’s trying! Wouldn’t we all like to be that woman, wouldn’t we all love to know how to seduce him? Well, dating experts say this might be easier than it seems and here are a few of their tips and tricks on how to seduce him:

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Make Eye Contact

Everything starts with the eyes, ladies, and if you’ve never initiated eye contact before, you should know that’s one of the first things you must do in order to seduce him. But how to seduce him this way exactly? Well, here’s how! First of all, let him notice that you’re looking at him and don’t look the other way when your eyes meet. Let that visual bond last a few seconds than smile, look away for a second then look at him again. From that moment and on, every time you turn to him, you’ll see that he’s already looking your way!


Maintaining an intense gaze that holds his attention is key; it ignites curiosity and an air of mystery around you. Try not to blink too frequently as this may signal nervousness. Instead, allow your eyes to softly lock with his, communicating confidence and interest. If he's across the room, shoot him a brief, tantalizing glance accompanied by a suggestive eyebrow raise or a playful wink to stoke his imagination. Remember to balance your act; overdoing it may seem daunting, whereas occasional, lingering looks combined with a coy smile will make him irresistibly drawn to you.


Play with Your Hair

Okay, well, you certainly have his attention now but your work is far from done and there are a few more tricks on how to seduce him that I’d like to share. Now, men apparently find hair very sexy and us playing with it even sexier so don’t be afraid to give your luscious lock a little twirl! You can do this just anytime – while trying to get him to notice you, on a date, even if you’re trying to rekindle old flames your long-term relationship has been lacking lately.

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Be Confident

How will he ever know that you’re interested in him if you’re too shy to even notice that he’s in the room? How will he see how beautiful you really are if you always stand in the corner or run away? How will he notice your gorgeous smile if you always keep your lips pressed together? And, finally, how will he know how unbelievably smart you are if you never ever find the courage to join a conversation? You see, dear, some of the most attractive women in the world are not perfect, not even close to that and yet, they have that special something that makes men crazy! Angelina Jolie could lose all of her body fat but she’ll never have Kylie Minogue's waist, J.Lo’s big booty is actually very popular and I somehow sense Kim Kardashian’s famous Moschino belt doesn’t have the Italian size 40 embossed inside either. So, whatever it is that is making you insecure, forget about it for the time being, wear your power outfit and own the place!


Embrace your unique qualities and let them shine. Bat those lashes with purpose, stand up tall, and walk with poise. A dash of confidence can be as alluring as a little black dress. When you believe in your own charm, it radiates and becomes infectious. Laugh heartily, speak your mind with wit and intelligence, and don't shy away from a playful touch or a lingering glance. Let every gesture whisper, 'I am comfortable in my skin,' and watch as that self-assurance draws him into your orbit, intrigued and wanting more.

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Be Active

May be unusual but it’s completely true – Men find active women amazingly attractive. In fact, dating experts agree that a woman who likes to dance, chat and mingle at social gatherings rarely has to worry about how to seduce him, regardless of whom “him” might refer to. They also suggest changing place or position every half an hour which means that you shouldn’t be sitting all the time, just like your shouldn’t allow yourself to dance or spend the whole evening chatting with others thus making yourself unavailable for him.

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Smile, my dear, because your smile is the most powerful seduction weapon you have! A mysterious smile, a sexy smile, a sweet smile, a happy smile, an innocent smile, encouraging smile, reassuring smile… So many emotions and not a single word needed to express them.

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Touch Him

Yes, this little trick works both ways – he will try to touch you because physical contact does matter and you should try to touch him simply because you now know this little, totally innocent move will drive him crazy. Put your heart and soul into the conversation, talk about something really exciting and touch his hand/ arm/ wrist while you’re trying to describe the best parts of the event. It won’t seem needy, it won’t seem too straightforward and it will certainly do the trick.


Raise the stakes a little by incorporating casual brushes as you walk side by side, or offering a lingering pat on the back after a shared laugh. The sporadic, gentle grazes will send shivers down his spine, reinforcing the connection you're building. Be sure to gauge his responses; if he's mirroring your touches or leaning into them, it's a green light to continue crafting that sizzling chemistry.

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Show Some Skin

Now, if you thought that seducing him will have anything to do with dressing like an exotic dancer, you’re certainly on the wrong track because one of the sexiest body parts of every woman is…. (drum roll)… her neck (oh, and let’s not forget the shoulders either)! And here’s how to seduce him without a plunging neckline: twirl that afore mentioned lock around your finger then gently run your fingers over your neck or shoulder. This seductive move will make him focus all of his attention to the place you’re touching and make him wish he could do the same.

And now you know how to seduce him or him or maybe even…. Him! LOL! The next guy you lay your eyes on better be ready for what’s coming because he’ll be yours before you can even say “martini, dry, shaken – not stirred!” LOL! Come on, ladies, let me hear some of your fool-prove tactics! Do you have some other useful tips on how to seduce him?

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Hi! I'm sorry if it's not the right place to comment but I really wanted to tell you that your site is amazing. You're doing an awesome job, and even if I don't have the strenght to follow every single one of your advices, I think you are really helping people. Thank you so much for giving some of your time and knowledge to other women.

hi first of all thanks so much for writing these articles they are really helpful. you guys really know your stuff and not just with the flirting. I have a question though. there's this guy who's in one of my classes who i don't know really well he just kind of gets my attention. i have zero experience with this kind of thing and i'm terrible at flirting. i've only talked to the guy a couple of times and i was wondering if you could tell me how to start a conversation with him and get his attention for once. thanks for your time :)

hi i thought this was an awesome article! great tips! the only question is that sometimes i come off as being too straightfoward around guys and i almost act in a bitchy sort of way! I dont mean too but my guard just goes straight up when i talk to a guy! help!

What if the guy you're trying to seduce is kinda more of a flirty/bad-ass type guy who has a lot of friends of the female sex, and is used to being flirted with? How do you win him when he's desensitized to the usual flirting techniques?

Ok I see what I am doing wrong here and why men always accuse me of being flirtatious. Especially the touching I tend to either gently shove or hold arms act when I talk to people and men are always getting mixed signals. The funny thing us if I intentionally try to flirt I look awkward and when I don\'t try I come off flirtatious.

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