7 Flirting Mistakes We Constantly Make ...


7 Flirting Mistakes We Constantly Make ...
7 Flirting Mistakes We Constantly Make ...

So girlies, I get constant comments on what common flirting mistakes are you making. Well, I took your comments and I made a list! This list is the top 7 common flirting mistakes that you're probably already making or have made in the past. After all, haven't we all talked too much? Groped a guy on the first date 'accidentally'? Well girls, if you are out flirting, these are a few common flirting mistakes that you're definitely going to want to avoid!

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Keep Personal Boundaries, Unless Invited

Personal boundaries ladies! This is a huge one. You don't want to be all up in the guy's grill, right off the bat! Staying close and some personal touches, such as a brush of the shoulder are perfectly acceptable, but one common flirting mistake that so many women make is getting too close for their flirtee and getting too personal too soon.


Talking Too Much

Another common flirting mistake that a lot of women make is talking, so, so much. Girls, you've got to give the guy you are flirting with some time to talk too! Otherwise, he might think that you aren't at all interested in what he has to say and in fact, you might be a little bit self absorbed in his mind. So give your talking a break and instead, let him talk too!


Being Self Absorbed

Speaking of being self absorbed, if all you talk about is yourself, your career, your kids (if you have 'em!) or your life, that is a huge turn off for guys! Ask him some questions, find out some information about him. This common flirting mistake could cost you a second or third date if you let it!


Discussing Your Ex

When you are trying to flirt, it is very important that you keep your topics light and airy at first. You don't want to hear about your dates ex right away right? Why would he want to hear about yours? So girls, keep the ex talk at bay and just have fun! That should definitely earn you a second date.


Too Much Eye Contact

Did you know that having too much eye contact can actually make you seem a little creepy? While coyly catching his eye or even just getting a glimpse of his eyes is a great way to get him to approach you, don't stare ladies. That can be construed as completely creepy and totally weird!



One common flirting mistake that many women do is groping. You never want to feel around his lap or touch his chest too much when you are just at the flirting stage. After all, why would you want to grope a guy when you are just at the flirting stage?


Weird Smiles/Faces

finally girls, the last common flirting mistake that a lot of women make is to make weird faces and smiles. I know that I pull this one all of the time! It feels weird for me to just plain smile at a guy – so I pull something super weird! Try to control this ladies.

There you have it girls! My top 7 common flirting mistakes that all of us make! Now that you are aware of the common flirting mistakes, are you going to commit them girls?

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