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The search for "the one" is often a tricky, long road. Wondering what qualities should be on your "partner checklist"? Read this article from guest contributor, "The Love Hawk" to know exactly what you should be looking for.

We’ve all heard it before; in songs, in movies, in books, from our parents and, maybe even from our best friends. The one we want to be with most may not always be the best choice for us. They may not always be the one we need. Good relationships go beyond what we want: the infatuation, the passion, the comfort. There are a few basic things strong relationships NEED; be sure to commit yourself to someone who is giving you more than half-assed company and a wild sex sesh a couple of times a week. You need to be loved. You need to be respected. You need someone who’s gonna help you be the best version of yourself possible. Don’t settle for less.

1. You Need Someone Who is on the Same Page

This is huge. It’s hard to keep progressing in a relationship with someone whose life is just not in sync with your own. You could share a wonderful love with him, a deep connection, something you’ve never felt before but at the end of the day, are you guys moving in the same direction? Maybe you want to get married and he doesn’t, maybe he wants kids and you don’t, maybe you’re just at different places in your lives and your tracks are no longer parallel. When you come to that dreadful realization of «Where do we go from here?» it might be the hardest decision you ever make. This is when wants and needs truly interfere with each other pitting your head against your heart. In the end, you need to be with someone who compliments you AND your path. Why are you willing to sacrifice what you want if he won’t even budge for you? If you stick around too long you may not get everything you ever wanted in life–or from that person.

You Need Someone Who Makes You a Priority


\"We all WANT the passion but sometimes we forget that we NEED so much more\" Sadly not so straight forward. Turns out whichever one of those we have, still leaves us craving for the other one
This is such a great article. What\'s even better is I have someone who fits every requirement. ☺
Love it
Very true 👌its like every word came from my heart😝
Love them!!!!
Shannon Ferguson
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Aimee Leroi
Love it!! Very true!
Rachael Reid
Great article, well said! 👌❤️
You especially need someone you can trust.
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