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20 Things to Try if You Want to Have Wild Sex ...

By Sici

Here’s the thing, we all like to make nice, sweet, gentle love with our partners, but from time to time, every single person in the world feels like letting their freak flag fly! One of the joys of sex is being able to choose who you have and who you have it with, so it you want to get frisky and freaky, then go ahead sister! Here are 20 things to try for the wildest sex ever!

1 Experiment with Having Sex outside of the Bed. Don’t Feel like You Have to Be Restricted to a Mattress!

2 Switch Things up by Keeping the Lights on if You Normally Prefer to Turn Them off when Things Get Hot and Heavy. It’s Nice to See What You Are Working with!

3 Experiment with Bondage, but Just Start off by Using Things like Scarves as Blindfolds and Ties if the Official Merchandise is Daunting to You, to Begin with!

4 Make Sure to Share Your Biggest Sexual Fantasies with Your Partner. You Might Find That You Have Things in Common That You Can then Decide to Explore Further

5 Get into dirty talk. It Might Feel Awkward to Start with but Once You Get Going It Can Really Add a Sexy and Erotic Edge to Your Love Making

6 Dabble in Some of the Elements That Make up Rough Sex. of Course, Always Make Sure That You Have a Clear Safety Word Put into Place!

7 Don’t Be Afraid to Accept and Explore Every Part of Your Partner’s Body: This Could Be Anything from Swallowing Instead of Spitting, to Trying Anal Play on Both of You!

8 Get into Touching Yourself in Front of Him to Indulge in His Voyueristic Side and Indulge in Your Own Exhibitionist Side!

9 Experiment with Dressing up Lots of Different Kinds of Sexy Outfits. the Wilder You Go, the More Imagination It Will Spark in Your Partner

10 Don’t Forget about the Sexual Powers of a Good Full Body Massage. It Can Be a Great Way to Begin an Intimate Session at Home

11 Don’t Be Afraid to Take Control in the Bedroom and Display Your Dominant Side. Most Guys Love to Be Dominated Every Now and then!

12 Don’t Stick to Your Usual Few Positions. Make the Effort to Try Lots of different positions Because There Will Always Be New Ones to Discover and Get Pleasure from

13 Experiment with Bringing Food into the Bedroom. Things like Melted Chocolate, Whipped Cream and Strawberries Can Make for a Very Sweet and Sexy Time!

14 Don’t Be Fussy about What Parts of Your Body He is Allowed to Touch and What Parts You Feel More Vulnerable about. Open up Every Inch to Him and Let Him Worship You!

15 Go Back to the Early Vibes of Your Relationship and Make More of an Effort to Seduce Him All over Again. Guys like It when They Don’t Have to All the Work and Propositioning before Sex

16 Make Sure That You Keep an Open Line of Communication with Him, Because when Both of You Feel Comfortable, You Are More Confident with Bringing up New Things to Try in the Bedroom

17 Make the Most of All of the Amazing Sex Toy and Gadget Options That Are Available to All of Us These Days. They Are Literally Designed to Make You Feel More Pleasure, so Why Wouldn’t You Want to Use Them?

18 Experiment with Different Role Play Scenarios. It Can Sometimes Feel More Freeing and Liberating to Get up to Extra Sexy Business when You Are Pretending to Be Somebody else!

19 Being Spontaneous is Something That Can Really Turn up the Sexual Tension and Excitement. Sex Always Feels Better when It Hasn’t Been Pencilled in for the Week!

20 Work on Feeling Comfortable with Masturbating with Your Partner. Mutual Masturbation Can Be Super Hot when Both Parties Are Confident and Turned on, and It Can Lead to Really Explosive Sex

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