7 Creative Ways to Date across the Miles ...


7 Creative Ways to Date across the Miles ...
7 Creative Ways to Date across the Miles ...

When you are in a long distance relationship, you have to look for creative ways to date each other. A long distance relationship has its challenges but it also has some big benefits. They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder and there really can be something to that. It makes you appreciate one another when you need to treasure your time together. Here are some creative ways to date across the miles.

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Use Snail Mail

Snail mail, an affectionate name used to refer to regular mail, can be a very romantic way to date across the miles. You can send one another letters, cards and even care packages filled with little trinkets that you know will make the other person pleased. Doing this lets your boyfriend know that he is in your heart. Not only is this one of the best creative ways to date, it is a very sweet one. He enjoys getting things in the mail as much as you do.


Do Something Together

Just because you are in different places does not mean that you can’t do something together. Maybe you could have a standing date to watch a television show together each week while you are on the phone together. No, it isn’t the same as actually being in the same place but it can still have value. You can enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you are doing something together. And you can chat during commercials if you are sharing a television show. You could also try a different activity like making the same recipe at the same time.


Facetime or Skype

Technology has done a lot for us, including making dating across the miles easier. There are so many options at our fingertips, including the ability to Facetime or Skype. This will help you to have face to face time even when you are miles apart. It feels like you are really spending time together. You can sit and talk for hours while enjoying all the things a phone call doesn’t offer, like seeing one another’s expressions.


Send Pix

Surprise your sweetie by sending him pictures. You know that a picture of you is going to make him smile. You can do this a number of ways. Send it in a text, email or through snail mail. No matter which way you choose, a picture of you will make his day.


Plan Future Time Together

When you can’t be together, plan for when you can. Sit and talk about what you want to do the next time that you get the opportunity to be together. Planning future dates will give you an excitement for the times that are to come. Sometimes planning something can be almost as fun as actually doing it. A side benefit is that you won’t have to figure out what you want to do next time you get to be together. You will already have plans..


Be Romantic

Romantic gestures given across the miles is a way to keep you connected. You can send your guy something you know he enjoys or have something delivered to him. You can also send him a poem or another creative expression of your feelings for him. Even a love letter means a lot. The point is to let him know that he is in your heart.


Surprise One Another

It can be a lot of fun to surprise one another with a visit. The main thing is to make sure that your guy is available for time with you when you do this. If you know that he has planned to go to a bachelor party or to watch a big game with his buddies, it may not be the best time. But if you know it is a good weekend, this can add a lot of fun in the relationship for both of you. It can also give you a chance to make good on all those plans you have in waiting.

Dating across the miles requires some creativity but it can be done. What are some ways you have found work well for dating across the miles? How did it make your relationship better?

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Missing you much

Yes very true !!!

Aww miss you hun

With technology now, long distance relationships are easier to maintain than they have ever been.


Miss him

Omg I miss him <|3

This is awesome! I'm transferring colleges, so I'm glad I came across this for such great ideas!

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