7 Things That Could save Your Relationship and Make It Stronger ...


7 Things That Could save Your Relationship and Make It Stronger ...
7 Things That Could save Your Relationship and Make It Stronger ...

We all go through the "dry" stage of a relationship: the part where your relationship has no taste, there is no more sweetness to it, and many of us become very vulnerable at this point because we wish we knew some things that could save your relationship and make it stronger. Just because you’re at this point does not mean your relationship is doomed forever. Here are 7 things that could save your relationship and make it stronger.

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I am pretty sure you have heard this one many, many times before, but trust me it works. Communicating with your partner without having disagreements is not unusual. It’s normal! It doesn’t mean your partner isn’t right for you just because they disagree, it means that you should learn from this and know that your partner may have different views. Talking to him about how you feel is the BEST of all of the things that could save your relationship and make it stronger.


Throw Ego out the Window

We all have an ego; some of us show it and some of us don’t. This is your partner we are talking about here. Forget about the ego; forget about who calls who first or who makes the first move. If you really love him, drop the ego and go for it.


Spend Time Together

Whether you are living together or not, take some time to be together, and have some one on one time even if you are busy. You don’t have to go to an expensive restaurant or anything, do something simple like watch a movie together and cuddle up on the couch.


Stick Together

There are going to be arguments that may seem like this is the end but if you want the relationship to work, stick together. Don’t throw in the "I’m done" or the "It’s over" when you are angry. Breaking up is not the best way to go with ending an argument. Maybe take a break, spend some time apart but don’t change your relationship status just like that because of an argument.


Make Passionate Love

Maybe forget about the fun and kinky sex positions for a bit and bring the roses and candles into your bedroom. Try the classic missionary instead of the sexy cowboy. Not only does this make things more romantic but it brings back the love you two found in the beginning.


Go Back to the Very Beginning

Do things you did for him when you first started dating. Go on dates, send cute texts, give him surprise visits if you don’t live together, do anything. Fight for him, win him over, all over again.


Bring in the Romance

Do cute little romantic things for him, or do it together. Make breakfast in bed, the classic dinner and a movie, surprise presents, roses and candles, anything romantic. It would be nice and essential to show your partner how much you love them out of the ordinary.

Being in a relationship isn’t easy. We go through ups and downs and sometimes it might need some saving. These tips have helped me and a lot of people I have known in the past and I hope these tips help you out as well. Have you tried any of the tips listed above and come out stronger than ever as a couple? I would love to hear your story .

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I have. Pretty negative perspective and it fears me that just by my idiotic though i might lose him any advice please? Thanks

@Fuego party I used to be very jealous too, to that degree that I could see how stupid it was, but still kept doing it. What I did was to simply push it down every time it rose, by telling myself that I wasn't thinking rationally, and my beloved shouldn't have to suffer for that. Every time I felt jealous for something, maybe too much time spent with friends, I told myself that it was good that we weren't the only thing in the world for each other, and I had no right to complain, even if I was the girlfriend. I did spend a lot of time with my friends too, etc!

You forgot " leave in laws out of your relationship" Lol this is my bigger issue with hubbs!! :((

yes you can still be saved just be yourself

You know...I think this article is wrong. I feel like it makes it out to be the woman's job to keep the relationship in a good place, why is this? I mean seriously, I have done all these things. He has not. I've bought him gifts for Christmas and his birthday for the both years we've been together. I still haven't received a thoughtful gift from him. I try to communicate to him about my feelings and it doesn't seem to register. We spend time together which is nice but I wish he would plan something for us to do together. It is frustrating, especially when it seems like if the relationship is not working out, it's automatically the woman's fault. I just can't by it.

i have all this, exept im super jelouse and that bothers my boyfriend

really enjoyed reading this

love it's

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