Etiquette for Sleeping at Your Boyfriend's House ...


Etiquette for Sleeping at Your Boyfriend's House ...
Etiquette for Sleeping at Your Boyfriend's House ...

The best part of any serious relationship is that you'll get to stay the night at your man's place. When that happens, you'll get to cuddle with him all night and wake up to his pretty face in the morning. Of course, the more time you spend with him, the more fights can occur. In order to prevent that from happening, here are a few rules you should follow whenever you sleep over your boyfriend's house:

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Clean up after Yourself

Clean up after Yourself If you make a mess, you should clean up after yourself. Don't leave your clothes on his floor. Don't leave your hair in his bathtub. It doesn't matter if his room is already messy. You should still be respectful by cleaning up after yourself.


Maintaining tidiness extends beyond his personal space. Tidy up dishes if you cook or eat together, and bathroom etiquette is crucial—make sure to leave it as neat as you found it. A little effort goes a long way and shows that you respect not just his space, but also the relationship. Plus, bringing your own toiletry kit can prevent overcrowding his bathroom with your essentials. Demonstrate your mindfulness and consideration; it's the small gestures that nurture love and harmony.


Don’t Leave Your Clothes There

Don’t Leave Your Clothes There Eventually, you'll have a toothbrush and extra pair of clothes at his house. But for now, you shouldn't bring over those items and throw them in his closet. Wait until he offers. Once he gives you permission to leave half of your house at his house--or even better, gives you a spare house key--you can bring over as much stuff as you'd like.


Don’t Use His Stuff without Asking

Don’t Use His Stuff without Asking Don't steal his pajamas without asking first. If it's still early on in the relationship, you should always ask him if he has something that you can borrow instead of just taking it out of his closet. He probably doesn't want you rummaging through his room.


Don’t Overstay Your Welcome

Don’t Overstay Your Welcome Ask your boyfriend if he has anything he needs to do during the day. If he has plans in the afternoon, then you should leave before he needs to leave. Even though he invited you to stay the night, it doesn't mean he wanted you to stay over for all of the next day. Don't overstay your welcome.


Volunteer to Help with the Dishes

Volunteer to Help with the Dishes If he cooks you dinner, volunteer to help him out. Once dinner is over, volunteer to help him with the dishes. It's rude to just sit there while he does all of the work for you. The least you can do is ask if he needs any help. With any luck, he'll tell you that he can handle it and you won't be stuck helping, anyway.


Respect the Others Living There

Respect the Others Living There If he lives with his parents, you shouldn't walk around his house in your underwear. His mother certainly doesn't want to see that. If he owns a dog or a cat, make sure you treat it well. If you push it away whenever it comes near you, your boyfriend probably won't want you around for long.


Don’t Make Too Much Noise

Don’t Make Too Much Noise If he lives with his parents or with a roommate, then you don't want to make too much noise during sex. Even if he lives alone, you don't want to be so loud during the night that you wake up the neighbors. Even if you're both virgins, you should make sure to keep your laughter and the radio down. Don't give the neighbors a reason to complain.


Don't Hog the Bed

black, white, black and white, photograph, image, It's just plain rude to take up all of his bed when you're the guest, and quite frankly you don't need to sleep together if you're going to push him out of bed. Same applies for blankets and pillows as well! Just make sure to maintain your sleep space. :)


Don't Dash out

human positions, blond, leg, human body, I'M, If you've got places to be the next morning that's totally cool, just give him fair warning so he doesn't wake alone or worse, you wake the bear when you're dashing out in the wee hours of the morning.


Know when to Hush

black and white, person, monochrome photography, interaction, romance, It's all cute and sweet to lie in bed talking in the dark, but if you sense he's drifting, just let the man sleep! It beats forcing him awake into a conversation he's too tired to have. (Same applies to him if he's the chatty one.)

Even though you two might end up living together one day, right now his house belongs to him. That's why you should treat it with respect. Do you commonly sleep over your boyfriend's house?

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I know I'm being a little pedantic, but it's bothering me. One or both of you may have been sexually active. It doesn't mean that you're having sex yet in that relationship or that night. So the idea that you have to worry about sex noises OR you're both virgins is ridiculous.

Let me borrow that top gif made me die crying!!

Just don't make it a habit until he decides that you can move in.

Jem what kind of advice is this? Have u ever shitted in ur bf' bed ?? I am chocked to be honest😶

If he/she returns the favour, sure.

Don't shit in the bed... Never goes down well

Crucial that we behave with sensitivity and courtesy

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