7 Important Tips for Meeting Your Boyfriend's Friends ...


Meeting your boyfriend’s friends can be a stressful experience. It’s natural to hope that they like you and give their approval. But don’t worry too much! Try to push those nerves aside and read these tips for meeting your boyfriend’s friends.

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Don’t Isolate Yourself

Even if you’re uncomfortable, try your best to enjoy your company. Don’t stare at your phone and don’t focus only on your boyfriend. Pay attention to everyone equally to show them you’re interested in their lives. If you’re too shy to talk, just make sure that you listen to those around you. When meeting your boyfriend’s friends, you should try to show them that you’re making an effort.


Meeting your boyfriend's friends can be a nerve-wracking experience, but it's important to make a good impression. Here are some tips to help you make the best of the situation:

Be friendly and courteous. Greet everyone with a smile and a handshake, and make sure to use their names. Ask questions and show genuine interest in their lives.

Make an effort to learn about their interests. Ask your boyfriend about his friends’ hobbies and interests before you meet them, so you can make conversation and show that you care.

Show your appreciation. Thank them for taking the time to meet you and show them that you're grateful for their friendship.

Be yourself. Don't try to be someone you're not. Show your true personality and be confident in who you are.

Be respectful. Respect their opinions and don't get into any arguments.

Be prepared. If you know what kind of activities they like to do, you can suggest something that you can all do together.

Relax and have fun. Don't be too serious and don't try too hard. Enjoy the moment and have a good time.


Bring Food

Who doesn’t love free food? Bringing along snacks is a good tip for anytime you’re trying to make a good impression. Does your boyfriend always mention how he and his buds love to pig out on hot wings? Bring some along. If you’re not sure what they like, all you have to do is ask or stick to something basic like chips. For extra points, bake something yourself.


Remember His Turn Will Come

If you’re nervous about hanging out with his pals, remember that you’re not the only one. He’ll have to go through the same thing with your friends. It’s natural to want to make a good first impression, but don’t stress too much. If you’re with your boyfriend for long enough, you’ll have plenty of chances to look good in front of his friends. And if it doesn't last, what they think won’t matter anyway.


Expect to Be Judged

His friends are going to have an opinion of you, whether it’s negative or positive. Realize that they’ll only be judging you because they care about your boyfriend. If your BFF started dating someone new, wouldn’t you want the best for them? Don’t worry about being perfect, though. As long as they see that you and your man make each other happy, they should approve.


Avoid PDA

It’s never fun to watch your friends make-out in public. Show your affection for him without going overboard. You can hold hands and put your head on his shoulder, but don’t grope him or use sappy nicknames. Keep the mushy stuff private. His friends will be thankful for it.


Don’t Be Jealous

Chances are he’s known his friends much longer than he’s known you. Don’t expect to have the same connection with him as the people that he’s built relationships with over the years. If he seems more comfortable with them, just give it time. Once you get to know each another better, he’ll become more relaxed. And it’s not a bad thing if he treats his friends differently. You should get special treatment.


Don’t Badmouth Them after

Even if your boyfriend complains about one of his buddies, don’t join in. He’s allowed to insult them, but he might get mad if you do. Be cautious when discussing his buddies so you don’t accidentally offend anyone. They mean a lot to him and so does your opinion. So be nice!

I hope you have a great time when you’re introduced to your man’s friends! If you've been in a relationship for a while, do you remember the first time you hung out with your boyfriend’s friends? How did it go?

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Meeting my husbands friends was awkward ... One of the guys' girlfriends took an instant dislike to me...I'm still uncomfortable with them 13 years later

My boyfriend doesn't have many friends at all, but it was fun when i met them a few years back :)

Y does guys think it's so wrong to tlk to your friends about trouble between u an him n yall not even together n wen he has a problem he always post on fb

My boyfriend is part of a group of 6 guys who are all best friends, and I got the chance to go camping with them along with one of the other guy's girlfriend. I took great care to talk to everyone and not hang all over my boyfriend, but the other girl rarely talked to anyone except her boyfriend, and was always sitting in his lap and kissing him. It was so awkward.

Don't flirt with them as well

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