Know the Pros and Cons of Moving in Together before You Take That Leap ...


Some people are completely in favor of moving in together and others are completely against it. While there’re a lot of opinions on this subject, it can be wise to look at it from a realistic point of view. This’s a list of pros and cons to consider before you make your decision. Hopefully you’ll find it helpful.

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Pro: You Learn More about Each Other

One positive thing about moving in together is that you learn more about each other. There’s only so much you can discover over dinner and a movie. Living together, you’ll learn the habits, routines and various preferences of your partner. It can be both interesting and surprising to see the person you’re dating in a new light. While you lose a bit of mystery, it’s also very enlightening.


Con: He May Not Be as Motivated to Commit to Marriage

It’s true that moving in together can make your relationship come to a standstill. One of both of you may grow so comfortable with your living arrangement that it remains that way a long time. That’s okay if you’re content with living together indefinitely but if you want to be married, this can be discouraging. Men are generally a little slower to commit than women. Living together may mean that he’s not as motivated to get married.


Pro: You Get to Spend More Time Together

Living together means you have a lot more time together. That can be wonderful! If you’ve been dating awhile and going back to your separate homes at the end of a date isn’t fun anymore, living together can be a decision you both feel ready for. It’s nice to have more hours together. Any couple in love enjoys seeing each other more.


Con: the Magic of Dating Isn’t the Same

However, it’s true that things change when you move in together. You love having more time together but the magic of dating isn’t the same. It’s not that there isn’t magic, but it’s different. The thrill of seeing each other for a date you’ve both been waiting for is gone. You can still go on dates but it’s going to have a different feel.


Pro: Your Relationship Deepens

When you live together, you see parts of each other no one else sees. You see how your partner deals with frustrating situations, how they handle challenges and how they celebrate the good times. This brings you closer as a couple. Your relationship deepens to a new level. You’ll find your love for one another changing and growing.


Con: Your Family May Not Approve

Choosing to live together may mean that some of your family disapproves. It’s not uncommon for one or both partners to have family members that disagree with your decision. That may be okay with you. However, it’s always a good idea to listen to your family member and weigh their advice. It could be they see something you aren’t seeing in your situation.


Pro & Con: Figuring out Division of Chores & Financial Responsibilities

This can be both a pro and a con. Figuring out how to divide chores and financial responsibilities when you move in together can be tricky. You may find this fun or something that makes you feel closer. You may love working on chores as a team. On the flip side, this may cause issues your relationship isn’t ready for yet.

These’re some pros and cons to consider before moving in together. Is this something you’re considering? You’re always welcome to share!

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