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When you think about it, there are lots of occasions when you may need to know some believable excuses to get out of a date. We have all been in the situation where we agree to go on a date when we are slightly tipsy or accept a friend’s offer of a blind date. But what happens when you have well and truly removed your beer goggles and are faced with the online pictures of an unsightly man/woman? What do you do? Come up with an excuse! Here is a list of 10 excuses to get you out of a date…

1. My Car/Bus/Train Broke down

My Car/Bus/Train Broke down

Classic excuse. People have been using it since the cave men (though in those days they probably said their wheels weren’t turning). The only problem with this excuse to get out of a date is that it’s so classic that your date may see straight through it or they may offer to pick you up… Thus, use it with caution.

Overdue Library Books


I just had a dame use that on me tonight...zing, next.
Heather Jensen
Very true! :) Thanks for the comment!
The only ones I would use are #4 and #8. The rest seem to unrealistic and if I had a date that told me any of those, I probably wouldn't believe them!
haha, I think if my date tried to OBVIOUSLY get out of it, I'd play a prank and try to be as coniving and oblivious of it as possible. Make it last (unless it was serious or honest).. or would that be mean
Haha, a lot of these are pretty foolish :P
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