8 Fabulous Love Tips for a Gemini ...

By Heather

All you Gemini's out there, have you ever wondered what love tips for a Gemini are really out there and really work? While you might not believe in signs, there are certain love tips for a Gemini that you might want to pay attention to. So girls, even if you don't believe in the signs, let's take a look at some of the greatest love tips for Gemini's!

1 No Long-Term Relationships Right off the Bat

Girls, one of the biggest love tips for a Gemini that most people don't understand is that they need relationships that are free and open and – short most of the time. A long term relationship for a young Gemini is very difficult and can actually leave the Gemini feeling extremely unfulfilled. So girls, it might be better to keep it short at first!

2 Spice It up

One of the things about Gemini's that a lot of people don't know is that they get bored very easily. You constantly have to make sure that you are keeping things spiced up, that way you know that you won't get bored! Whether you are spicing up your sex life or you are trying to spice up your entire relationship, just make sure that you aren't ever bored.

3 Fast-Paced Communication

Gemini's are very face-pasted and are people that tend to communicate really quickly. This is what you need in a relationship too. You can't have things that draw out too much or fights that are going to be too long. The fast-paced communication is going to be key to your relationship!

4 Know Your Needs

When you are a Gemini, it's almost like you have two different people living inside of you (the twins!), so you definitely need to know your limits and know your needs before you get into a relationship. Trust me on this girls, this could be something that completely makes your relationship work. Know what you need, know who you need and what limits you have.

5 You Need Freedom

A Gemini is someone that needs a lot of freedom, they don't like to be tied down and they definitely don't like someone that is hovering over them constantly. You need someone that is going to be free and someone that is going to give you that freedom. Don't tie yourself down with someone that isn't going to allow yourself that freedom girls!

6 Test Yourself

One thing that you need to think about whenever you are in a relationship as a Gemini is testing yourself. You aren't going to be able to find someone that is going to be completely perfect for you girls, but you will find someone that is going to fulfill most of your needs. So test yourself, test our different relationships!

7 Spontaneity

This is a huge love tip for Gemini's that most of them don't even know about! You need to have someone that is going to be completely spontaneous in your life! Someone that is going to constantly surprise you and keep everything interesting and sparkly for you. Remember, you can't get bored!

8 Find Someone Stable

Finally, because you are so off-the-wall, you need someone that is going to ground you and you need someone that is going to ensure that you stay down-to-earth. This is exactly why you need someone stable girls, while they might seem boring, they will be the best for you!

So girls, these are all of my love tips for a Gemini. You are wild, crazy and need someone that is going to account for all of that. Have you found your man yet? Are you still searching? Leave some comments below!

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