8 Sweet Love Tips for a Leo ...


8 Sweet Love Tips for a Leo ...
8 Sweet Love Tips for a Leo ...

Now, I actually have a Leo as a girlfriend and these love tips for a Leo really helped me understand her a bit better! If you're in a relationship with a Leo or hey, you Leos out there, if you want to know what you are like in a relationship, you've got to take a look at my love tips for a Leo! We all know that Leos are passionate, confident and they are full of drama, but they are also super loyal and can really keep a relationship interesting!

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Lots of Drama

Leos thrive on drama. They like to stir the pot a little and they really like to keep it interesting. If you're in a relationship with a lion, one of my love tips for a Leo revolves around the fact that drama is part of their life. That doesn't mean that drama is going to cause fighting, but it does mean that they don't want a relationship that is boring.


Full of Passion

Leos are very passionate. In fact, they are some of the most passionate people in the world and truthfully, that is saying something. They want a lot out of life and they don't want to be held back. They won't be held back, so you Leos out there, you need a partner that is going to understand that.


Confidence and Character Attract a Leo

A Leo is someone that is attracted to someone that is confident, someone that has a lot of charisma, and someone that has a lot of character to them. They don't like boring or dull. They like an adventure and someone that is confident enough in themselves to give them that.


Leos Are Artsy

Leos are also super artsy, so they could be a writer or a poet or even an artist. These are just a few of the professions that the Leo sign is attracted to. If you are dealing with a Leo, you've got to be ready to deal with their artsy side too, which can be hard if it gets out of control. Remember Leos, if you are dating someone that is completely grounded, don't lose yourself so much in your art!


Leos like to Be in Charge

Ah, those Leos, they love to be in charge and they don't like someone that is going to challenge their power a whole lot. They also don't want someone that is going to roll over and give up their spine either. You have to have a balance when you are dealing with a Leo and remember, some things are worth fighting for.


Don't Play

Leos hate and I repeat, hate mind games. If you are playing a mind game with a Leo, it is going to result in a fight. Just be straight with them and honestly, you'll get a lot further. My girlfriend and I have a hard time with this one, as I have a lot of double-standards and games that I play – but I need to stop.


No Empty Praise/Compliments

Leos absolutely hate when the praise or compliments that you give them are completely empty. They want something with meaning, something that is full of life. If you are going to give a compliment to a Leo, you've got to mean it. They can also tell when you are lying!


Don't Insult

Finally, a Leo is someone that does not like to be insulted. I mean, when you insult them, no matter what it is about, you insult their pride. They are a lion, remember, they don't like their pride insulted. So keep the insults to yourself if you don't want them lashing out.

So, these are all of my love tips for a Leo. Have you ever dated a Leo? Have you ever had any encounters with them? Share your experiences below!

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I'm a Leo, and this is a 100% true!! Wow!!

This describes me so perfectly omg

My ex is a Leo.. This is 100% true. Lol

You are spot on! My boyfriend is a Leo and you hit everything thing on point! Love this post!

This is so me OMG D: lol

Wow! Totally true except I'am not an in charge type. But there are times that I want to be incharge.

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