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Now, I actually have a Leo as a girlfriend and these love tips for a Leo really helped me understand her a bit better! If you're in a relationship with a Leo or hey, you Leos out there, if you want to know what you are like in a relationship, you've got to take a look at my love tips for a Leo! We all know that Leos are passionate, confident and they are full of drama, but they are also super loyal and can really keep a relationship interesting!

1. Lots of Drama

Leos thrive on drama. They like to stir the pot a little and they really like to keep it interesting. If you're in a relationship with a lion, one of my love tips for a Leo revolves around the fact that drama is part of their life. That doesn't mean that drama is going to cause fighting, but it does mean that they don't want a relationship that is boring.

Full of Passion


Great article!!!!
I am a Leo , and all the comments are true.lol
Andrew Wood
Waw, I had to step in here and point out how awful this and almost all the other 'articles' on this website are. Like, terrible. Heather Jensen, please stop using exclamation marks for no reason. It's...
Mikee Pilares
Wow! Totally true except I'am not an in charge type. But there are times that I want to be incharge.
Alyssa Brown
Literally fits me as a Leo perfectly
Melissa Stephanie
This describes me so perfectly omg
Heather Jensen
Aww! That's so awesome!! Thanks for reading JoAnna!
Heather Jensen
HI Aisha! Here you go! ;) http://love.allwomenstalk.com/note-worthy-love-tips-for-an-aries/
Aisha khan
@ heather : plz post one about Aries :) thanx.
Aisha khan
Hey. Same here. I'm a Leo. N this describes me exactly. Though I like confidence in ppl , still the love of my life is a really shy guy. An Aries. .. :)
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