7 Fabulous Ways to Attract a Gemini and Make Him Yours ...


7 Fabulous Ways to Attract a Gemini and Make Him Yours ...
7 Fabulous Ways to Attract a Gemini and Make Him Yours ...

While you might be trying to attract a Gemini and think that you are going about it all right, most likely you are not keeping the second side of the Gemini in mind! Learning to attract a Gemini is not easy in the beginning, as this particular sign has two different sides to them. However, it is a sign that is worth knowing because of those opposing sides! A Gemini is a sign that is typically super out-going, loves to learn all kinds of new things and they want someone to listen to them – so, are you ready to figure out how to attract a Gemini?

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Find out a Similar Hobby

Geminis are not someone that can immediately jump into a friendship with someone without having a common interest. Does your Gemini-crush love to play tennis? Do you love to play tennis? Why not start out trying to attract a Gemini by talking about tennis? This is a great way to showcase just how similar you both are!


Remember the Two Sides of a Gemini

Ah, you remember when I mentioned above that Geminis have two sides to them? You've got to keep in mind that there are two different sides to each and every Gemini. There is typically a side that is a little crazy and a side that is a little more down-to-earth, but you've got to appeal to both of them!


Know the Boundaries

Boundaries are something that are huge for Geminis, so that means that you've got to figure out what boundaries your Gemini-crush has, what you should cross and what you shouldn't. It's hard to figure it out, but once you do, watch out for them. Don't cross them too often because it can be a huge turn-off!


Be Smart but Not Intimidating

One of the hugest turn-offs for a Gemini is someone trying to outsmart them. Geminis are quick-witted and they love to banter, but they don't want someone that is going to be intimidating with just how intelligent they are. So, be smart, but don't talk down to a Gemini. Instead, make it fun, light and airy!


Don't Act like a Know-It-All

The darling Geminis also hate know-it-alls. They don't like someone that thinks they know everything that is going to come out of their mouth and they hate when they have to fight for their own opinion against someone who constantly thinks that they are right. They want someone to be able to talk to them – not at them!


Great Listener

Listening skills are so, so important when you are trying to attract a Gemini. They want someone that is going to know them inside and out, which means that you've got to not talk once in a while and instead, listen to the adorable Gemini and exactly what they have to say!


Know when to Speak Your Opinion

Finally, you've got to know exactly the right time to speak up and voice your opinion. The two sides to the Gemini have a lot to do with a Gemini's mood, so if they are in a horrible mood on both sides, you won't necessarily want to voice your opinion on everything. Instead, hold it back and voice it at another time.

The Gemini is a sign that is constantly at odds with most other signs, but that doesn't mean that there isn't a way that you can attract a Gemini. Have you ever had a Gemini crush? Give up the details!

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wow so true! I'm definitely a Gemini!!

I'm excited to divorce my Gemini.. Men Gemini's are very different than women Gemini's... Or maybe it's just him!!

This is sooo true! The Gemini is exactly as stated.

Hi heather, I'm having this major problem. I kinda got a crush on this Gemini. We met up in a club a month ago, and made out and all. My friend took an instant pic of us cuddling and he kept it but We were drunk so we felt bad after we were all sobered up but then after that we wouldn't stop talking everyday for almost a month or two now. We chilled in a bar, flirted and went swimming where we seriously looked like a couple. When he took me home that night he rubbed my nose saying I know I want it(to kiss him) me,playing hard to get said I had no idea playfully. So we didnt end up kissing. That was the last day before he left for UK but we still chat.. But our convos are just too friendly... We always tease each other I think he only sees me as a friend now! And now we barely talk.. Idk what to do!

Don't know how I sent these?? Oh well..

Great article! I'm a Gemini and this fits me perfectly

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