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8 Note-Worthy Love Tips for an Aries ...

By Heather

As I go through all of the different signs and their love tips, it's now time to focus in on some fantastic love tips for an Aries! I love this sign. You are fun, you are a party person and you are super outgoing! An Aries is a fantastic person to be around, but as far as a relationship? What type of love tips for an Aries do you think are out there? Take a look below and see exactly what type of relationship an Aries should be in!

1 Be Upfront & Frank

Love tips for an Aries all start out with being truthful, blunt, frank and very upfront. They don't like you to beat around the bush and don't like someone that is going to be untruthful to them. They want the truth, always, at all costs. So if you are with an Aries, don't lie to them, it isn't worth it.

2 Be Competitive

Aries like to have their competitive side stroked a little bit, so whether it is a board game or a sport, make sure that you make things a little competitive for them. This would actually make a great first date! Something that would be playful yet a little competitive too – that way they can show off!


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3 Action-Oriented Dates

Speaking of dates, the first date and a lot of them after the first need to be filled with action. Aries don't like to be bored, they don't like to feel stagnant. They like a lot of action. So if you are looking to date an Aries, make sure that your dates are filled with action and that they are super fun!

4 Support Creative Risk-Taking

Risk-taking is something that an Arien loves to do. Zip-lining, bungee jumping and even jumping out of a plane are all things that Ariens like to do and they need someone that is going to support their creative risk-taking. They also are super creative and artsy, so they need someone that will support that too.

5 Don't Be Too Mature

Oh, this one is an easy one! Ariens don't like to take things too seriously and they definitely don't want someone that is going to ground them a lot. Aries is a fire sign and they like to feel free and light. They don't want someone that is so mature they can't take a joke or someone that is too old to play in the rain.

6 Have a Backbone

With an Aries, you have to have a backbone though. Because they are so off-the-wall, you want to make sure that your backbone is intact and that you are sometimes willing to show it. This will make sure that your Aries doesn't walk all over you, as they are known to do.

7 Don't Get Too Sentimental

Also, make sure that you keep those sentimental feelings in check a lot of the time. They don't like to get sentimental, it's too emotional for them and it's also too mature. They'd rather dwell on the here and now and just have fun. They don't want to think about sentimental things!

8 Don't Be Passive-Aggressive

Finally, being passive-aggressive is never going to work with this particular sign. It's a sign that wants you to be blunt and out there. If you hide your feelings behind being passive-aggressive, you won't get anywhere.

These are just a few of my love tips for an Aries, there are tons more! What are some of the Aries traits that you've seen? Give 'em up in the comments!

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