Fabulous Ways to End an Argument when It's Just Not Worth It to Fight ...


Fabulous Ways to End an Argument when It's Just Not Worth It to Fight  ...
Fabulous Ways to End an Argument when It's Just Not Worth It to Fight  ...

We have the most fabulous ways to end an argument when it's just not worth it to fight. According to Bustle.com, it's perfectly ok to have the occasional argument, but there's nothing healthy or fun about disagreements that just won't quit. If your fighting over something small or something huge, it's always good to have a few tricks up your sleeve to stop the argument. Save your relationship with these top ways to end an argument.

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Stay Physically Close to Each Other

black, white, black and white, photograph, human positions, When having a disagreement, it can be tempting to yell at each other from across a room (or over the phone). But if you want the argument to end quickly, make it a point to sit near each other instead. "Simple touch, for many, can calm heated emotions before they get out of control," says relationship expert Heather Claus. Sometimes holding hands or sitting with knees touching is all it takes.


Agree to Make Small Changes

black, white, hair, black and white, photograph, If you and your partner constantly argue about the same little things (like where it's appropriate to hang a towel or the correct way to wash dishes), you should just go ahead and let them be "right." As Claus says, "it's easy to just say, 'Hey, could you show me (tell me, explain to me) what I'm doing wrong, and what you'd prefer?'" Definitely worth it.


Use a Safe Word

white, photograph, black and white, black, person, As relationship expert Barry S. Selby, MA tells me, having a go-to "safe word" can be a great way to defuse arguments. If you or your partner feels like things are getting out of hand, simply say the word and then make a point of slowing and truly listening. (Genius, right?)


Go Ahead and Take a Break

black and white, black, person, monochrome photography, monochrome, It's not possible to shut every fight down the moment it begins. Sometimes it's necessary to take a breather, and that's perfectly OK. Just be sure to tell your partner when, exactly, you'll be down to chat again. As licensed clinical psychologist Melanie Greenberg, PhD says, "It communicates to your partner that you are taking their concerns seriously and not just dismissing them."


Agree to Disagree

black and white, muscle, monochrome photography, film noir, There are some topics that are so difficult to agree on that it might be necessary to call it a draw. "This is nonjudgmental and can put an end to a stalemate without anybody losing face or feeling like they’re backing down," Greenberg says. Totally worth it.


Take the Argument Somewhere else

white, black and white, photograph, human positions, sitting, If you two have been arguing for hours, it's more than time to take it outside, so to speak. Go out to a coffee shop, or drive home from the restaurant. As Claus says, "sometimes a change of scenery is enough to clear the air."


Disagree through a Different Medium

black and white, image, person, darkness, monochrome photography, In the same vein, it can often help to pick up the argument again in a different form. "Arguing on the phone? Suggest to meet in person to discuss it further. Arguing in person? Suggest setting it aside and continuing the discussion via email to remove some of the heated emotion," Claus says. It really can make all the difference in the world.


Go for a Walk Together

weather, snow, winter, arctic, ice, If you're embroiled in a disagreement that just won't quit, think about going for quick a walk. "Walking and talking reduces tension because feel good hormones are being released through physical activity, which will reduce the stress," says life coach Lizzie O'Halloran. Do a few laps around the block and things should be a-OK.


Look at the Bigger Picture

black, person, black and white, image, monochrome, Take a moment to look at the issue in comparison to your relationship and your larger goals. As Kali Rogers, founder of Blush Online Life Coaching, says, "Perspective can change a lot about an argument. If you are able to 'zoom out' and realize that in the scheme of your relationship, this argument is a blip and both of you are getting stressed out for nothing, it can easily relieve the pressure you're under and give you the space you need to become rational again."


Let Your Partner Know You're Listening

human action, person, man, mouth, sense, One of the most frustrating things ever is that sense your partner isn't really, truly listening. So make sure you do your part when it comes to hearing (and understanding) what's being said during a fight. As couples therapist Evie Shafner says, "Say to your partner, 'Let me see if I understand you' and then reflect back what you heard your partner say." It seems so simple, but it works like a charm.


Get Naked

human action, black, white, black and white, photograph, Yes, (if you're home and you're both cool with it) getting naked with your partner really can help end an argument. "It's hard to stay mad at someone when they are naked," says marriage and family therapist Jessica Bowen, MA, LMFTA, CHT. "Ultimately it should make you remember that you are both just human." Kinda funny but still so sweet, don't you think?

Tricks like these can help you end an argument before it gets out of hand. Sure, you may have to "lose" the fight, or agree to disagree, but it's so much better than simmering in anger or letting the situation get out of control. What has worked best for you when trying to end an argument? Were these tips helpful? Let us know in the comments!

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