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Ending a relationship is never easy, but if you learn the seven awesome ways to break up without drama, you can move on in peace. If he's someone you could later cultivate a friendship with, breaking up amicably would be the best route. Besides, the high road has far more benefits than behaving in a lowly manner; it says a lot about you as a person as well. To complete this unhappy task successfully, let's learn the seven ways to break up without drama.

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Don't Facebook It!

Social media postings are not among the awesome ways to break up without drama; they start drama! It doesn't matter how angry you become at this guy; refrain from breaking up on Facebook or any similar outlet. It makes you look bad, and will scare off any romantic prospect you may have. Plus it is so junior high, and you're better than that.


Bad News via Text

While text messages are among the fastest ways to deliver the news, they are not the best options. First, it's just rude. Second, what will you do if he doesn't receive it, before seeing you on a date with the new guy? Cell service is not guaranteed in all areas, and it's not infallible. Plus, if the shoe were on the other foot; you'd feel devastated and hurt. Don't do that to him, even if he deserves it.


The Blame Game

It's best to end the relationship without assigning blame. This only leads to a new argument. If you're ending it, there's no reason to continue to rehash all of your old fights. You should provide him with a concise reason for the breakup, deliver it, and move along. It's best to keep your discussion brief, and leave promptly.


Honesty is the Best Policy

Don't embellish when it comes to why you want to break up. You're not reciting War and Peace. You're ending your relationship. If he cheated and you caught him, tell him that you won't compromise your self-respect for someone you cannot trust, and walk away.


Remain Mature

Men, typically, expect you to hurl inanimate objects into the air and scream like a banshee - don't. My approach is shock and awe. I don't give them what they expect at all. I sit them down provide them with a short, yet respectful explanation which shows them exactly why it's not working out. Shockingly, I have remained friends with a few exes, for this reason.



It's best to choose the location of your breakup wisely. If you've realized he's a psycho, don't go to his house or anywhere private. If he's hyper-sensitive, arrange for him and his best friend to meet you somewhere public. Pull him away from his friend long enough to have the talk, and get out of there.


Bring Backup

The point is to avoid drama. This doesn't mean you shouldn't plan ahead. Bring a friend with you that is less likely to turn into a diva and is capable of defusing a potentially bad situation quickly. This also provides you with immediate help, if he flips out and tries to hurt you physically.

Breaking up is not always cut and dry. The most well-adjusted man can turn into a complete basket case with the expression, "baby, we need to talk," so proceed with caution. What are some ways you have avoided drama during a breakup?

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tell him get the fuck on with his life.

This is very helpful..

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