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If you've been dating a Libra for a while but still don't know the top sex tips for a Libra that will really turn your partner on, you've got to take a look below! I've got the top 7 amazing sex tips for a Libra that really work and will turn your partner on no matter what! So, you ready to explore exactly what your Libra partner loves and what will really make them hot and bothered behind closed doors?

1. Lower Back & Butt Are Hot Zones

If you've ever tried to turn your partner on, but don't know exactly what spots to touch, don't worry! That's what these sex tips for a Libra are all about! The lower back area and the butt are hot zones for this particular sign. They love their back stroked, their butt grabbed and they really want someone that is skilled at touching those two areas. Do it and see what happens!

Mental Stimulation


I want watch sex
Bryanna Carson
@Cecily i know right 😏😏🙊🙊😘😘
Gerda Haley
how to stop husband calling out other women's names and get him to want me
Rose An
My boyfriend is a libra. But were in a ldr, im just sorta concious bout this haha
All of this is dead on for me. My lower back is my weak spot especially if a guy wraps his arms around my waist from behind.☺
Soo true Libra's are suckers for massages :)
I must know what your tips are for a romp with a Taurus ☺
Isabella Coles
Hmm i don't think i get any flattery or massages lately, really got some good points there! 😉
Ear kissing/nibbling definitely works for us Librans!
Isabella Coles
Do you fellow librans agree with the neck and ear kisses? Gives me the tingles!
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