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7 Passionate Sex Tips for a Leo That You've Got to Try ...

By Heather

You're probably thinking, finally, the sex tips for a Leo post, right? My girlfriend is a Leo, so I wanted to make sure that I got this right. Leos are passionate people in general, they give 110% no matter what they are doing! They put all of themselves into everything that they do, which means that this set of sex tips for a Leo is all based around passion!

1 The Back is Hot

If you want to know exactly where to touch a Leo, the back is going to be a huge spot for them! Running your hand down their spine (just like a cat!) is a great way to really turn them on and really get them in the mood. During actual sex, stroking their back and massaging it is a great way to keep them turned on throughout the entire experience! This is absolutely one of the top sex tips for a Leo to keep in mind!

2 Turned on by Desire

If you want your Leo partner to be really turned on (besides the back stroking!), they want to see your desire, they want to see your passion and they want to see that you want them. They are a little bit into themselves, they typically have a little larger ego than most signs and therefore, your desire for them is a huge turn-on for them!


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3 They Want the Royal Treatment

Like a typical lion, a Leo wants to be treated like they are royal and like they are the most important person in the world. They want the royal treatment in the bedroom especially though, they want someone that will cater to them … and they will cater right back. If you want a passionate lover that is going to give you everything that you give them, the Leo is that sign!

4 Passionate Kissing, Scratching & Biting Are Musts

Oh, just like a cat, they love it a little rough. They want the scratching and the biting in the kisses and they want all tongue – and they want it bad. Passion is the key here, the more passionate the kissing, the better off you are going to be! You want someone rough? Someone that is going to give you everything they have? You Leo partner is it!

5 Outdoor Sex is Great

A Leo is one of those signs that love to have sex outdoors. Now, not every Leo is the same, but most of the time, if you can get them outside, somewhere private, a Leo is happy to have sex outside. A beach, the woods, wherever it is, just give it a try and see if your Leo likes it outside!

6 Erotic Massage

Remember when I said that their back is the best spot? Well, erotic massage goes hand in hand with that! Massage your Leo, give them a full – full body massage and it'll get you the entire world! My Leo loves when I massage her shoulders and neck – start there and see where it goes!

7 Dirty Talk

Finally, dirty talk is the last piece that you've got to keep in mind whenever you are with a Leo. They love for you to get graphic and love for you to really detail everything that you want to do and that you are going to do with them! Trust me on this – it's amazing what a little dirty talk can do for you!

Leos love attention, so make sure that you pay them quite a bit of it when you're behind closed doors! So, what other sex tips do you have with your Leo partner? Give 'em up!

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